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The European Commission (EC) on Tuesday announced that it has launched a new bullying probe into Google to investigate allegations that US companies are misusing their online advertising technology.

According to the survey, while Google is in favor of its own online display advertising technology supply chain, it harms competitors, advertisers and online publishing technology services and violates EU competition rules. “Evaluate.

Focus on limiting access to third parties to promote user data on your website or app, and focus on whether your company is controlling competition by using that information itself.

Online advertising services are central to making money for Google and publishers to buy their services online. Google collects, sells advertising, and acts as an online advertising agent. It works, ”said Margaret Vesteger, deputy executive director of the commission. In a statement issued by the President, who was in charge of the competition.

So Google has an online display supply chain at almost every level. Google warns that competing online advertising services make it difficult to compete in so-called advertising technology. She added.

According to the European Union, the cost of digital advertising in the European Union in 2019 will reach 20 billion euros.

A spokesman for Google told EuroNews that thousands of companies in Europe are using our advertising products to reach new customers and support their websites on a daily basis. Competitive. We choose them because they are effective. “

“We will continue to work constructively with the European Commission to answer their questions and show the productivity of our products to European businesses and consumers,” he said.

Earlier this month, Google was fined ዩ 220 by French competition for its online advertising. The company then agreed with some pending proposals and said it would make policy changes in the next few months.

Vesteger launched a series of investigations into allegations of misconduct against technology giants, and fined Google several times.

Linn In March 2019, Google imposed a 4 1.49 billion fine on Google by imposing restrictions on third-party website terms and barring Google competitors from placing search ads on those sites. He did.

Brussels is launching a trust investigation into Google’s digital advertising technology practices

Source Link Brussels has launched an investigation into a lack of trust in Google digital advertising technology practices

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