Broadway tree cover can be renewed with new technology.

Winnipeg –

The start-up of the Infrastructure Fund could bring technology to Broadway to help the canvas fight the historic road that allows trees to grow on the plateau.

Winnipeg City Forest Minister Martha Barwinsky said the city has the opportunity to revitalize the old tree population along East Road through the Federal Natural Resources Fund.

Barwinsky’s trees planted in the late 1800s and early 1900s have been declining in recent years. In addition to their age, urban tensions such as traffic, winter road management, pollution and construction have affected the health of the roof.

“With this project, Broadway itself is in the process of being renovated or rebuilt in the next two years, so this is an opportunity to build a suitable infrastructure for us.

One of the biggest limiting trees in downtown Winnipeg is Barwinsky, a land of quality and quantity and a place for trees to mature and thrive. The conservation module says that blockchain technology will be installed underground and will provide high quality soil. Other groundwater infrastructure may coexist in those rainwater management systems.

“They are actually more expensive, so an average tree can cost between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000. But the cost is higher than the cost of planting, ”she said, adding that the benefits of the roof are important to mitigate the effects of climate change, such as urban islands.

The report, submitted by the City’s Executive Policy Committee to the Public Service, recommends funding from the Federal Fund for Trees on the Broadway Project.

The committee is set to vote this week on funding to cover up to 60 percent of the project.

The project is estimated to cost $ 3 to $ 6 million.

The application deadline is October 30.

Barwinsky said the city has already installed the technology, adding that it will be the biggest project to be installed in the city.

“Broadway is a well-known corridor for Winnipeg,” said a forest expert.

“We often call it our Broadway. We still look forward to planting Elm on Broadway to preserve that historical significance and that visual setting. However, we want to increase diversity in general, especially in the city.

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