Britain issues first Amber extreme heat warning

The British government has issued an alarming first warning on Monday, saying unusually high temperatures in the West and high nighttime temperatures could pose a health risk.

The National Meteorological Service (NMA) has issued a high-temperature national weather warning system in early June to better inform people about the dangers of tropical weather.

Most of Britain has seen warming conditions in recent days but temperatures are expected to rise further, possibly reaching 33 degrees Celsius in some parts of the west of the country, the Met Office said.

The effects of high temperatures can be many and varied. It can have serious health consequences, especially for vulnerable people, and can affect a wide range of infrastructure, including transportation and energy, โ€the Met Office said in a statement.

The record-breaking wave this month has killed hundreds of people in Canada and the United States. Europe also unusually hot and flooded parts of Germany, Belgium and other countries.


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