Breaking News: Rosson, Excellent Law Enforcement, RLX Technology Investors Encourages Investors Who Have Lossed More Than $ 100 in Securities in Class Action Before the End of August 9 – RLX

New York, New York – (Newsfil Corporation – July 16, 2021) – why: New York, New York, New York, July 16, 2021. Rosen Lowe Institute, International Investment Rights Law Enforcement U.S. shares have been acquired by RLX Technology Inc. (NYSE: RLX) and / or. RLX’s first public presentation (“IPO”) January 22, 2021 or. August 9, 2021 Lead Plaintiff’s Deadline.

so what: If you buy RLX securities during the class, you may be entitled to compensation without having to pay out-of-pocket fees or expenses through the emergency payment arrangement.

What to do next: To join the RLX class action, go to or call Philip Kim, laugh. For more information on class action, please contact 86k-767-3653 or by email or If you want to serve as a plaintiff, you must move the court It will not be delayed until August 9, 2021. The plaintiff is a representative party that acts on behalf of other party members to lead the case.

Why Rossen’s law We encourage you to choose a qualified counselor with a record of success in leadership roles. Advertising agencies often lack the same experience, resources, or meaningful peer recognition. Be wise in choosing advice. Ross Law Firm represents investors around the world by focusing on its application in securities and shareholder disputes. Rosen Law Firm has received the largest-ever guarantee from a Chinese company. Ross Law Firm was ranked No. 1 by ISS Security in Action 2017 in the Security Class Action Settlements, ranking fourth every year since 2013, and has returned hundreds of millions of dollars to investors. In 2019 alone, the company received more than $ 438 million from investors. In 2020, founding partner Lawrence Rose was named “Titan” by 360 plaintiffs’ attorneys. Many of the company’s attorneys are accredited by Lodragon and Super Lawyers.

Details of the case According to the indictment, the documents documented misrepresentations and / or facts about RLX’s current vulnerability to China’s current e-cigarette national standard, which links traditional tobacco supplies, such as conventional cigarette laws, to RLX’s reported funding. Documents were not as strong as planned or predict future results. When the real details enter the market, the lawsuit alleges that investors were hurt.

To join the RLX class action, go to or call Philip Kim, laugh. For information on class action, call 866-767-3653 for free or email or

No room verified. They will not be represented unless you hold one until a class is verified. You can choose the advice you choose. You can also remain a member of the class you are not available to and do nothing at this time. An investor’s ability to participate in the future is not based on serving as a leading plaintiff.

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