Box Investor Kathy Wood Tesla compared Apple, predicted mass technology discontinuation, and detailed the main purpose of crypto in a new interview. Here are 10 best scriptures.

Kathy wood.

  • Kathy Wood Tesla likened it to Apple, and Crypto is like a lost layer of the Internet.
  • Tabo Investment’s General Manager has tightened regulatory feedback on DD and other Chinese technology companies.
  • Technologies such as blockchain and clean energy are changing industries.
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Katie Wood Tesla said in a five-part interview this week that Apple will take the lion’s share of the industry’s profits, that new technologies will reshape the entire industry and that traditional financial experts will not appreciate bitcoin and other currencies.

The CEO of Ark Investment also lamented the recent crackdown on DD and other Chinese technology companies, arguing that long-term technological investments may be worth more than profits today, and advising employees to change jobs if their quality is not known.

Here are some of Wood’s 10 best quotes from the interview, slightly edited and added for comparison –

1. “I feel like I’m sitting on the ground doing this. If I had retired at the age of 57, I wouldn’t be a happy woman.”

2. “I like to be a woman in this business. I have had wonderful mentors who have given me growth opportunities. And if someone – male or female – is pleased with their bosses but not shot at in promotions. If the numbers speak loudly, you should continue. Bring it to another group.

3. “We are changing more than ever. There are so many divisions and disruptions. We see something that is really physical, affecting the energy sector, financial services, any internal combustion engine and its suppliers. ”

4. “There is a great deal of incompetence in the research behind it and Tesla’s investment, so for now our target price is approximately $ 3,000. People think that is a crazy number. Now, the stock is close to $ 700. We believe that the main reason for this success is the short-term analysts who followed him. Analysts do not understand the full potential of the Elon Musk clean-energy company.

5. “Before Apple introduced Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola, it was really a computer. Intel and Qualcomm had their own chips because they go with audio players, and Apple was nowhere to be found, right? The price has gone down, but the price has gone up.

6. “They’re better-performing cars. They please the consumer. That’s the way Apple wins. That’s the way Tesla wins.” – Indicating the quality and performance of Tesla cars gives it an edge over its competitors.

7. “These technologies require 15, 20, 25 years of gestation before they are ready to hit prime time. Anyone running the same strategy as we did at ARK at the time was now overjoyed. It was Hallelujah, a brave new world, rah-rah-rah-rah, all chasing each other and trying to inspire each other, right? Today, we are considered strangers. – Comparing Doubt’s Investment Strategy Today to Dot-Com’s Competition with Technology-Wide Championship.

8. “Killing us does not mean slashing the margin of practice. We really don’t care much about that. We want them out in the early days. Our performance revolves around R&D – how much you are spending. , Are you throwing it in the right place or are you throwing spaghetti on the wall? – Ark emphasized that today it is more concerned with technology investments for companies than their profits.

9. “The way China works is very defensive, disgusting to the rest of the world, and probably not to please its own people. There is a slight stumbling block here. Anyone who dreams of being with a star. More than a million users will have second thoughts, because the government will basically protect them, you know? I don’t think they encourage entrepreneurship in this way. – Chinese regulators comment on recent actions against DD and other domestic technology companies.

10. “People in the old, traditional world of financial services, they don’t think of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a lost layer of the Internet. The Internet has never been conceived in business. That’s really it.”

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