Bos Slides II launches in India with 22,900 Rebel modified sound mask: Technology News, First Post – Ohio News Time

The Bosnian Slides II is a modified sound mask compared to its predecessor in India. The headphones are priced at $ 22,900 and are priced at India, Safex Technologies Plc.

Bose Sleepbuds II comes with 35 built-in tracks, including 15 Naturescapes, 14 Sound Tracks, and 10 Stable. With IPX4 technology, Sleepbuds II is sweat and water resistant. The headset is only 1/4 inch deep and reduces annoying contact when the user sits side by side. Sleepbuds II has anti-sleep coverage.

Equipped with a NMH (nickel-metal hydroxide) battery, it provides a performance of up to 10 hours. The Sleepbuds II comes with an anodized aluminum charger that lasts 30 hours of battery life.

According to Boz, the slides were tested on clinical trials at the University of Colorado’s Ancutsz Medical Campus and the UC Health Care Innovation Center. According to 100% of participants, it solves common barriers to activating Sleepbuds II. Eighty-six percent of respondents said that Sigbuds II helped them fall asleep, 80% said they improved their sleep quality, and 76% said they helped sleep II Sleepbuds II.

“Boom Slides II uses proprietary voice mask technology advances, because covering is a better sleep solution than erasing the sound,” said Steve Romim, head of Boz Health. I will. “Millions of people are still suffering because of the inability to re-create the experience of pairing headphones and applications, playing music, or using headphones or bedside machines. We never stop helping them, and that is why we are so excited about Sleepbuds II. They are proud partners, idle engines, nearby trails and quiet bedrooms. It makes low-frequency repetitions a high-risk flirtation for flirting. And with the new entertainment track, they will help you calm down. “

Boss Slides II launches in India with 22,900 Rebel modified sound mask: Technology News, First Post

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