BlackBerry 5G phone officially dead.

You may never see a BlackBerry 5G phone that has been in use for more than two years. The company has decided to shut down the business properly.


  • For future mobility, the BlackBerry-licensed startup is closed.
  • He apologized for the action taken on the website and announced the closure.
  • Earlier this year, Onward Mobile announced plans to launch its first BlackBerry 5G phone.

If you are one of the few people waiting for the launch of your BlackBerry 5G phone, you are in for a rude awakening. Austin-based startup Austen, which licensed BlackBerry for its phones, has been shut down for good. So have plans to revive your BlackBerry phones.

“The safest smartphone will no longer work on a physical keyboard,” the beginner said on its website. Unexpected news, contrary to popular belief, comes a month after the beginner says “he is not dead”.

He did not say why he decided to stop moving in the future. ‚ÄúPlease know that this is not an easy or hasty decision. “We share your concerns with this news and assure you that this is not the result of what we have done and hoped for,” the company said in a statement. Android Police, in a recent report, announced that the beginner’s license to use the BlackBerry name had been revoked.

This is reasonable because in the announcement of the closure of the website, future mobility will be excluded from mentioning BlackBerry in any sentence. Instead, he played it safe, choosing words such as “the most secure phone” in the description. One month ago, the situation was different and the company was using the BlackBerry name, announcing the arrival of its 5G mobile phone quiver keyboard this year.

The report adds that the BlackBerry Mobile Patent Agreement seeks to eliminate the image of the smartphone brand after selling everything left over from the mobile business for $ 600 million. Future mobility, especially in the smartphone industry, has been hampered by a lack of room for support and a lack of strong support systems. Keep it simple.

Mobility In the future, BlackBerry initially announced plans to launch a 5G phone by 2020, but said plans were afoot to do so. Moving forward The radio went quietly after the announcement, but Blackberry Classic announced that it would be discontinuing its phones for charity.

The now-defunct BlackBerry 5G phone is by no means the same as Oward Mobility, but reports suggest it may look like the BlackBerry Privilege, the first Android phone. He built the BlackBerry Private at home but later supplied his mobile phones to TCL.

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