Bitcoin, Blockchain – Are They Right For You?

Is there a price for investors in blockchain technology?

In the blockchain, creators, developers and investors (commonly called crypto) compare the current situation to the Internet in the mid-1990s. At that time, few understood how our lives depended on email, search engines, social media, and endless websites. Looking back, it seems to have happened all at once, but we have been waiting for years for user interfaces and functionality that have made the Internet user-friendly and powerful.

The same can be said for Crypto. Most interesting projects do not seem to solve everyday problems or create value in a user-friendly way. So it is reasonable for investors to suspect that something is wrong.

At Bangora Resource Management, we will continue to monitor the progress of this technology to help our clients explore their potential to achieve their goals. Image courtesy of M.Michael Wilson, 2020

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Easy-to-use, practical applications at the top of blockchain technology will eventually generate a large adoption and attract more people to the blockchain ecosystem.

On the other hand, many strong Bitcoin fans strongly disagree and say that Bitcoin is a killer app – it has been around for 12 years and is the biggest in terms of users and value. But there is no guarantee that this will remain an election technology. Will Bitcoin become blockchain developers who build the most important, desirable functions and capabilities? Or as a physical competitor – will gold be replaced by digital storage?

In any case, Bitcoin has already proved its worth and can be safely and efficiently transmitted over a decentralized computer network. This remarkable step opens up many avenues for creativity.

What about the dangers?

The development of hostage development is still in its infancy and the risks of using or purchasing crypto assets are high. You might think of it as a startup capital investment: many will fall, but a few can create great value in what is called Web 3.0.

With common risks in corporate capital, crypto investors should also consider:

Control hazard – Around the world, regulators continue to beat the drums. Some countries have banned the ownership and trade of Crypto assets altogether. It is not clear what others will do to limit or delegate the properties of certain Crypto assets. If their central banks’ financial capacity is eroded, governments will not remain idle.

High flexibility – Another important consideration is inflation. Imagine if you were investing in corporate capital investments in real time, every day, all day long. Flexibility is surprisingly similar. For example, the price of Bitcoin dropped from $ 64,000 to $ 31,000 a few months ago. Drops of this size are not uncommon in crypto and can cause skilled investors to make poor decisions at the wrong time. As they have done in traditional investment in history.

Incompatibility of information – Crypto projects do not have regulatory application requirements like public trading companies. Information about the development and improvement of these projects is generally known only to a select group of people.

The complexity of technology: If one does not know the source code that makes these protocols, how do you know that there are deadly flaws? Capitalism will ultimately destroy the winners and losers, but it seems that special knowledge is needed for the time being.

Storage – Investors need to be extra careful if they choose to find the right guards, or to keep their keys intact. You don’t need an investor more than news stories earlier this year, as he will need a license to dig a garbage dump in the UK to bring in a $ 280 million hard drive.

What should investors do?

As our lives become more digital in the next few decades, it will be important to stay on the laptop. Like any investment, you need to understand your homework and really invest before you can invest.

At Bangora Resource Management, we will continue to monitor the progress of this technology to help our clients explore their potential to achieve their goals.

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