bioAffinity Technologies announces Therapeutic Patent Award for Cancer Treatment

San Antonio: (Business WireBio-Affinity Technologies, a private biotech company, has announced that the Australian Patent Office has issued a patent application to Bioafinity Sub-Onco Celtech, using chemotherapy agents combined with porphyrin to treat cancer.

Named “Porphyrin compounds and compounds useful for cancer treatment,” the patent will be the company’s first award-winning medical therapy patent. In addition to the Australian patent, it also has 18 patent applications for bioafinity and its subconscious oncocellular medical findings. bioAffinity also contains 17 award-winning patents and eight patent applications related to the porphyrin-based diagnostic platform.

“Bioafinity focuses on porphyrin-based diagnostic and therapeutic research, development, and business leadership for early detection and treatment of cancer,” said Maria Zance, president and CEO of BioFennet. We have successfully developed the most accurate Cypatata screening test for early detection of lung cancer. Our test is for fluorescent porphyrin TCP. It is based on the amazing ability to bind cancer and cancer-related cells that can be detected by flow cytometry using automated analysis.

To support the Cypata diagnostic platform, bioavailability research has led to a number of cancer-related findings, including the use of fictional combinations to link chemotherapy drugs to porphyrin to chemotherapy, which have a less harmful effect on normal cells. Another breakthrough was the successful use of RN interventions to suppress the expression of two genes that kill cancer cells with little or no effect on normal cells.

“We have developed a number of targeted therapies to develop new life-saving strategies to fight cancer,” says Zanes. “Notice of this patent application not only protects our basic findings but also confirms our scientific strength.

About bioAffinity Technologies, Inc.

bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. It is a privately held company that meets the most unexpected needs of non-invasive, early-stage cancer diagnosis and treatment. The company develops ownership In a glass Selection tests and targeted cancer treatment using cancer-focused technology. The platform technology research and development will be held at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTA) in the Bioafnet Technology Laboratories. The company’s platform technology is being developed to diagnose, control and treat many cancers.

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