Bill Gates predicts that this technology will replace smartphones

S.Fortune Magnet, Investor and Charter Bill Gates Mankind has become a genius of new realities and now the founder of Microsoft has predicted one A new type of technology It replaces, among other things Smartphones.

This is not the first time Gates has dared to make a prediction about a new epidemic, and now the author and teacher are talking about something. Electronic tattoo.

According to Bill Gates, which technology will replace smartphones?

Billionaire Trader Electronic tattoo Built by the company A chaotic moonBiotechnology-based technology is designed to analyze and collect information through the human body.

Among the information that this tattoo contains is information about medicine and sports, which can help prevent and control disease and improve physical and athletic performance with important symptoms.

How to get an electronic tattoo on people?

Although this electronic tattoo is in its infancy, it is known that sending and receiving information through special sensors and tractors, which are electrically powered by small sensors and tractors, is temporarily applied to the skin.

Gates needs electronic tattoos to replace smartphones

But it is not enough to apply Bill Gates’ first-person e-tattoo to this future device as a replacement for today’s smartphones.

Gates’ idea, which has been seen in various Hollywood movies in the past, is that people can use an electronic tattoo made by Chaotic Moon to call, text or find an address.

Although the exact timing of electronic tattoos has not yet been determined, Gates and his team are looking for a way to become a new consumer of digital technology. .


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