to present at the BMO 2021 Technology Conference mit

Colombia, MD. (Business Wire), Artificial Intelligence (“No”), Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and Cyber ​​Engineering Solutions Provider, Today Ridge Brothers, CEO, Josh Kinley, Chief Financial Officer, and Brian Fruchey , Chief Technology Officer to attend BOM 2021 Technology Conference mit.

The company’s presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, August 25 at 3:00 pm, and can be found at the following link: and GigCapital4, Inc.TM has announced that it has entered into a merger agreement to become a publicly traded company, also known as SPAC. The transaction is now expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021, by which company, Inc. Transaction The post-coalition company, which had $ 140 million in revenue by 2020, is worth it. Corporate value estimated at $ 1.57 billion.


For more than 20 years, decision-making leader provides artificial intelligence and machine learning through end-to-end data analysis platforms. The company uses proprietary AI / ML technology to support its customer decision-making processes and provide practical solutions that work in complex, real and incomplete data environments. Integrated AI-powered platform solutions work together when they stand alone: ​​notice (data entry and confusion), oriental (integrated machine learning in size), and dominance (visual estimation intelligence and optimization).’s clients rely on’s high-value software products and technology to analyze, identify and manage risk data, and support mission critical decision-making. Headquartered in Colombia, Maryland, has additional locations in Virginia, Massachusetts, Michigan, and California. For more information, please visit and follow on Twitter: @BigBearai.

About GigCapital4

GigCapital4 is a privately-owned equity (PPE) company, focusing on technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) and sustainable industries. Sponsored by GigFounders, LLC, each member of GigCapital Global, GigAcquisitions4, LLC, and is set up for merger, stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock acquisition, consolidation, reorganization, or similar business. Coupling with one or more businesses.

“Private-to-People Equality (PPE)” is a trademark of GigFounders, LLC, a partner of GigCapital4 and is used under the agreement.

More information and where to find it

In connection with the proposed trade unions, GigCapital4 submitted its first proxy statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the amended 1934 Securities Act. GigCapital4 will send a valid statement of intent related to the proposed merger. This press release does not contain all the information that should be considered regarding the proposed merger and is not intended to be used as a basis for any investment decision or other decision in terms of a merger. More information about the proposed trade alliances and related transactions will be provided in the GigCapital4 proxy statement in connection with the proposed merger and the related businesses of GigCapital4 and GigCapital4 shareholders will be considered for consideration of the proposed business partnership and related transactions. GigCapital4 shareholders and other interested parties are required to read the Preliminary Proclamation, the amendments and the final proxy statement and the special meeting of shareholders in connection with the request of GigCapital 4 proxies, among other things, the proposed merger and related transactions, because these materials are about BigBear. ai, GigCapital4 and important information about the proposed merger and related transactions. Upon availability, a valid proxy statement for the proposed merger and other related materials will be mailed to GigCapital4 shareholders from the date of its establishment to vote on the proposed merger and related transactions.

Shareholders may also obtain a copy of the preliminary or valid representation statement, once available, as well as other documents provided by the SEC at GigCapital4 free of charge, by visiting the SEC website at or by requesting a tender. Weightman, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, GigCapital4, Inc. , 1731 Embarcadero Rd. , Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303, or by phone (650) 276-7040.

Participants in court, GigCapital4 and their respective directors and executives and others may be involved in the proposed merger and related transactions from GigCapital4 shareholders. Amended (“Warranty Act”) and related to the previous registration statement on Form S-1. More information about the participants in the proxy request and their direct and indirect interest information can be found in the initial and actual proxy statements related to the proposed business merger and related transactions, which can be obtained free of charge from the above sources.

Future Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements under Article 27a of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Commercial Code. Future descriptions can be identified using words such as “guess”, “plan”, “project”, “forecast”, “think”, “will”, “expect,” “guess,” “believe”. “Seek”, “target” or other similar statements that do not describe or indicate future events or trends or are not descriptions of historical issues. These forward-looking statements may include, but are not limited to, the timing of the merger. These statements are based on various assumptions, have not been identified in this press release, and are not based on the current promises of Gigabit 4 management and actual performance predictions. These forward-looking statements are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used as such, and should not be construed as a guarantee, guarantee, forecast or factual statement by any investor. Real events and situations are difficult or impossible to predict and vary from one thought to another. Many real-life events and situations are beyond the control of GigCapital4. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including changes in domestic and foreign trade, markets, monetary, political, and legal conditions. Failure to successfully or timely terminate the proposed business partnership without any necessary regulatory approval, delays or unforeseen circumstances that may adversely affect the prospect of the Company or the proposed business. Coalition or stock approval not found; Failure to understand the expected benefits of the proposed business partnership; Risks of mistrust of the proposed financial information regarding; Risks related to’s business release and expected business plans time; Competitive results for futures business: Quantity Request for GigCapital4 Public Shareholders: The ability of GigCapital4 or an integrated company to provide securities related to the proposed business partnership or to future equity or equity. If any of these risks or GigCapital4 estimates are incorrect, these results may differ materially from the results indicated in future statements. Additional factors that may be used to determine the actual results are provided regularly under the heading “Accident Causes” and in other parts of Gigabit 4 with the SEC, and in the current and up-to-date reports with the CC in Gigabit 4. There may be additional risks that GigCapital4 or may not be aware of at present, or that the actual results may be different from those described in future statements. In addition, future statements reflect the expectations, plans or forecasts of GigCapital4 and as of this press release date, as per the information on Gig Capital 4 and GigCapital4 and are under no obligation to update any future information, future events, or any other reason unless required by applicable security laws. Although GigCapital4 and may choose to update these future statements at some point in the future, GigCapital4 and do not accept any obligation to do so. These forward-looking statements should not be relied upon to represent GigCapital4 and reviews on any day after this press release. Accordingly, there should be no unreasonable reliance on future statements.

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