Big Tech has ended this planet

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Big Tech is already well worth the dollar.

My co-workers and I have written a lot about the five tech titles – Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook. This may sound like old news. Technology Titanic 5 has been big and rich for a long time, and during the cholera epidemic, people and organizations have gained more because they need their products. Yade, Yade, Yade. We will find it.

But no, we don’t really get it. American tech stars have entered into a completely different strategy from even the most successful companies in technology and beyond.

Let me give you a taste of happiness:

  • The big five ($ 9.3 trillion) is worth more than the current stock market value Next 27 According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, the most valuable US companies have brought together corporate giants such as Tesla, Walmart and Jepimorgan Chase.

  • Apple’s profit for the past three months alone ($ 21.7 billion) was twice the annual profit of the five major US airlines in the pre-epidemic 2019.

  • Amazon’s stock price rise has allowed Jeff Besos to buy a new model iPhone for 200 million people – and he will still be a billionaire.

  • Google Advertising: $ 50 Billion Americans From April to June All Americans – Last month you spent on gas and gas station purchases.

  • Linkedan, one of Microsoft’s leading businesses, earns about four times as much revenue as Zom Video Communications, the star of the epidemic.

  • Instead of drilling for oil and gas around the world, Exxon will be looking for more funding to cover its computer centers and offices by 2021.

  • Amazon fell short of investors’ expectations on Thursday. But last year, Amazon’s e-commerce revenues rose by $ 109 billion – an increase over the past nine years to reach Walmarth.

I know that many strange things are happening in the American economy right now. But I can’t adequately describe how far these numbers are from the technological giants. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. The 5 largest technology giants have expanded the earth.

What is clearer than ever is that the American technocrats have created a unique universe where the sun is, and everyone – billions of people, other companies, nations and governments – are just orbiting planets orbiting them.

Perhaps the most impressive of these companies is the fact that they are more profitable in economic situations or in the potential for profit.

I was surprised that Amazon and Apple showed higher profit margins than those companies had for years – probably more than ever. Although the plague forced those companies to set up factories or warehouses, this did happen despite the fact that they spent a lot of money to cope with the deteriorating international shipping industry, to fight the shortage of parts, and to protect their workers.

That chaos and unplanned expense had to keep companies from making a profit. (This week, Apple is a little excited about the fact that Apple is struggling to find all the parts it needs for the next few months.)

What does all this mean? Well, one thing, members of Congress or state attorneys may be looking at the total numbers – as big technology companies say, if they face stiff competition and could die at any time, how will the profit margins continue like this? ?

Logic suggests that companies can lower prices and lower profit margins if they compete with many of their competitors. So how does Facebook turn every revenue dollar, almost all of its advertising revenue, into a 43 cents profit – something most companies can only dream of, and higher than it did before the Facebook epidemic?

I have repeatedly asked in this newspaper that the American Big 5 technology titans are invincible. As the gap between the richest tech stars and the superhero widens, I begin to believe the answer is yes.

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