beyerdynamic PHONUM speaker phone review – audible, loud and clear

Over the past few months, home remedies have proliferated. They are not all new, but for some reason they are now gaining popularity. The most recent hit on our radar is a custom-designed Bluetooth speaker for those of you who jump from one call to another, but often overhears it.

The Bayer Dynamic PHONUM is a small but compact disk-like device that can be placed on your desktop. It uses a USB-C cable for charging and can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth – but it does not appear on my Mac notebook.

It is surrounded by touch keys to make a round speaker, speaker and mute. Once connected to a call, new buttons will be turned on, allowing you to end the call when needed. If you click the volume buttons, you will get good voice feedback.

I had hoped to use the speaker on Zoom calls, but this only worked for me over the phone. The phone shines in the same way on all video calls, which is good. Although I can’t mute the device’s zoom call, all remote keys on the device work well with all types of calls.

The Bayer dynamic phone works on battery, which means you can take this with you if you make an unusual trip to the office. (Photo Credit – Nandagopal Rajan / Express mage)

So I always connected to my phone on the desk and I could continue working on the desktop as my calls occurred in the background. In addition, this long call made my habit of walking around the room well. Headphones often complain that I don’t always hear them because they work in different rooms. On the phone, as long as I was in a room, everyone could hear me clearly without having to raise my voice.

The phone uses Geco 360 audio technology with three microphones to accurately adjust this feature. So on either side of the device, the sound will be clear and balanced.

However, the small Grace speaker with the device is not as loud as I expected. So if I was in another room, it was sometimes a struggle to hear what he had to say. But Gecko Downfire audio technology ensures that the audio is sharp and neutral, regardless of the quality of the call.

The Bayer dynamic phone works on battery, which means you can take this with you if you make an unusual trip to the office. With interrupted calls, it is best to keep the battery for a day.

Priced at 24,999 rubles, I’m not sure if the phone will make sense to many individual users. However, if you are a team leader who makes one call at a time in a group that may not always be in the same room with you, the device may be a worthwhile investment. I suggest this idea as a good buy for small beginners trying to deal with a remote, or hybrid work environment. Individual users can find a good speaker Quality calls for half price.


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