Beck, Influx Point Technologies form a seed therapy collaboration

Infectious Point Technologies, LLC (IPT) and Beck farmers have collaborated to adapt their biological seed treatment to agronomical zones and growing conditions, company officials said.

Founded by CEO Steve Smith and President Nick Ewig, IPT is an ag technology company that developed the industry’s first licensed, plant-based (POP-ST) solution.

“We are pleased to partner with Beck to market our POP-ST technology,” Smith said in a statement. “Beck’s long-term commitment to delivering value to the farmer will test our POP-ST technology in the field and ensure the farmer’s acceptance. We partner with Beck to meet the needs of our customers.

Beck President Scott Beck in a press release. “When we hear about the IPT novel approach and the seed therapies that are being developed, we see an opportunity to take a closer look at the POP-ST system to improve farmers’ productivity.”

The market for biological seed medicine is expanding rapidly, and new technologies are needed to protect productive, environmentally friendly solutions and facilitate investment for farmers, company officials said. Beck conducts POP-ST field experiments from spring 2022 using IPP patented POP-ST technology equipped with ALMACO researchers. The experiments will help Beck determine which genetics technologies are commercially viable through the POP-ST solution.

“Our POP-ST technology includes a number of useful technologies that a farmer can apply to his seed compared to the current system,” Ewig added. “POP-ST is the first seed-based technology that will enable farmers to continue biological seed treatment efficiently until they are engaged in real time.”

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