Baylor and Texas Tech scores, travel scores 19 Red Reds No. 1 stunned bears when last undefeated team falls

The last undefeated team in college basketball lost its first game of the season on Tuesday, with No. 1 Beller falling 65-62 trillioners at home with 19 Texas Tech. The defeat ended the country’s long run of 21 games. Bayler’s defeat came just hours after a 5-6 US defeat to Stanford.

The Texas Tech defensively made the whole night difficult for them. 6 Kansas Saturday. The back-to-back victories are particularly impressive for TTU as top scorer Terrence Shannon Jr. has not arrived, having been sidelined with a back injury since defeating Arkansas on December 14.

The Red Devils regained control of Kevin McCullar on Tuesday after missing two games with an ankle injury, and the junior goalkeeper hit a huge 3-pointer to give Texas Tech a 59-52 edge. . Bayler (15-1, 3-1) had the chance to close the gap on a single touchdown and finish 65-62 in 20 seconds, but James Ainkjo missed a 3-0. The pointer is out of date.

This marks the first defeat for college basketball teams since 2017-18, with the undefeated state of Arizona, TCU and Villanova losing on December 30, 2011. For the 2019-20 season, San Diego County started 26-0 and went unbeaten until February 22nd. Both Virginia and Michigan are unbeaten until January 19, 2018-19.

Here are some of the highlights from Tuesday night’s defeat at the hands of Belarus to Texas Tech.

Stimulus protection

Texas Tech converted 14 of the Belarus’ transitions to 19 points, beating the Bears by eight points and using a well-known formula for success. Former head coach Chris Beard left the Reds for Texas after five seasons. His successor, Mark Adams, was the coaching assistant during Beard’s reign and was considered an engineer for those defenses. Introducing Adams from the inside out, Texas Tech retained the identity of the old bearded group and it became impossible to control the details in the middle of a beard.

What the team lacks in attackers is their defensive strength. Texas Tech ranked 12th nationally in Tuesday’s game with just 58.3 points per game, and another impressive performance against a quality enemy. Baylor ranks 5th in attack quality, 12th in 82.8 points per game at KenPom, and nationally. But Tuesday’s result was the second-lowest of the season.

Strong strength

One of Texas Tech’s other strengths is the disgusting recovery, and the Red Thieves are still rich in glass. After beating Kansas 15-5 on Saturday, they beat Bayer Leverkusen 12-6 with a second-half lead and 10-2 in the second half.

Texas Tech has averaged 12.7 offensive rebounds per game and has dropped just seven times this game. But in the second half, they showed a strong determination and turned the game around. 36-22-edge edges show the TTU edge in color points. The Red Devils also saw an offensive balance when five players doubled their lead on Tuesday.

Big 12 commotion

If Saturday’s series of outbursts of the Big 12 have not already been clarified, the Texas Tech’s win over Belarus will dispel any doubts. Out of the top 10 teams in the conference, out of the top 60 NET teams, it looks like anyone can beat anyone overnight.

Bayer Leverkusen and Kansas remain popular in the league by default due to recent and historic circumstances, but the Red Invaders have won both and will be a nightmare for opponents in the next two months. Oklahoma State does not qualify for the NCA, and TCU and Kansas State appear to have climbed the ladder to perform. But each of the seven other schools in the league has made Jerry Palm’s latest Bracketology and will spend the rest of the season drawing with each other.

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