Battlegrounds Mobile India Update 1.8 Now here’s what is new in live streaming

Crafton has launched a new upgrade for Battlegrounds Mobile India. The January 1 v1.8 update comes with a number of changes and new additions to the popular fighting royal shooting game. This is the latest update for both Android and iOS devices.

Livik: Later game mode

The new update, which will last until February 14, 2022, will also come with a new LiveVick mode. “The geography of the island has completely changed since the eruption and the melting of the ice,” Crafton said in a statement.

“Players can jump amazingly when they capture their enemies with a completely changed Livik map! Due to the many zip lines created on the map, players can move quickly between places.

As part of the update, various new features are also being added to the game. Players will receive a level of protection once a day to play in the new mode.

Standard, level match now separated.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is making a big difference in the game. Players can now choose between two match modes – standard match and level match.

It allows former players to play the game without compromising their season, and rank mode increases or decreases your rank depending on performance. The changes come in different modes like Classic modes, Arena Modes and other special EvoGround modes.

Supply stores

On the map, where players can exchange stolen coins with supplies, the supply stores are in classic mode.

Crafton adds: “In fact, there are some distractions in all aspects of the scene that allow you to recall lost teammates.

Swimming pool, other changes

Battlefield Mobile India also allows players who have never played before to swim in the water. But isolated players cannot swim as fast as usual.

The game comes with some new user interface elements to make it “cleaner and more recognizable”. Enemies that hit the player or their team are immediately marked.

“Finally, there will be major improvements to the parachute strategies when you land, mark all the new devices you want to drop on the map! All this and more will come in 1.8.

Battlegrounds Mobile India players can head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the latest January 1.8 game update.


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