Baco Tech is a time machine that the public accounting industry needs

Dallas- (Business Wire) – The problem is that small businesses can have high tax consequences, and CPAs do not know that the return will take place until next year. Baco Tech gives CPAs and customers the ability to go back and prevent those errors with real-time reporting and data flows from this year’s transactions.

The industry is developing more efficient, efficient tools. EisnerApper recently received a grant from TowerBrook Capital to invest in technology and people that will improve their efficiency and enable them to spend more time and resources on customer accounting services. AICPA Frustration has raised $ 50 million from CaseWare to develop a flexible audit solution designed to address CPAs’ experiences.

“As a CPA, I spent an ‘busy’ season adjusting and formatting static balances in Microsoft Excel to integrate with the various tax / accounting software I used. None of this added value to my clients at this time. With Bako Tech, I can plan a tax plan for customers next year. – Joe Absamis, CPA

Bako Tech is designed for that purpose – so customers can focus on their business and CPAs can focus on their customers. This unique technology is patented and applied to CPA companies across the country. Bako Tech integrates customer accounts directly into the CPA process. Automatically processes end-of-year processes for CPAs while providing clients with financial support and online financial reporting.

Baco Tech eliminates the time constraints that CPAs and customers struggle with due to the real-time updates of their technology. Through knowledge-based algorithms and RPAs in a low-code way, CPAs teach the platform what to do in their work. The process then uses this platform to change the variables for CPAs.

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