Audio-Technical AT2040 Review: Go to an expert with your podcasts

I recently switched to podcasts. But the media really caught me and most of my listening time was spent on podcasts while on foot and on foot. At the very least, I will be hosting a weekly podcast on the technology I see in terms of the technology I use. Unable to access the studio, it was moved to a more convenient JBL CSUM10 USB microphone, which started as a recording of voice recordings during key locks. That’s why I want to see what it means to go one step further, like an audio-technical AT2040 to a professional microphone.

When the AT2040 came in for review, I realized how unfit I was to use this microphone. Before the mic could reach the computer, I realized that this microphone needed an amp and special cables. The microphone is followed by a behringer U-Peoria UM2 preamplifier, an XL R cable that can connect the microphone to this unit, and a USB-C cable that connects the preamplifier amplifier. Also, the AT2020 is only a microphone, so you need a microphone stop. I was finally ready to sign up.

The AT2020 is only a microphone, so you need a microphone stop. (Photo Credit Nandagopal Rajan / Express Image)

The AT2040 is a hypercardioid flexible microphone. Hypercardioid is a more directional version of the cardioid microphone. Therefore, although it is very sensitive in areas of focus, it also has dark zones that do not take up sound.

For podcasts, this microphone makes sense because it captures your voice very clearly by emitting any ambient sounds or sounds in the room. If people like me are recording from their home, any podcast session is for the sound lock in the house, then the hypercardioid microphone can be really effective.

But for best sound quality, you need to make sure the microphone is pointing at you. Otherwise the audio may be a bit sharp.

* Listen to the recording below using the audio-technical AT2040 *

So, who should buy the Audio-Technical AT2040? Well, I don’t think this is a microphone, as it is good, it makes sense for regular podcasts, because of the extra equipment and the need for it. But for those of you who are currently earning money from your podcasts or doing it as part of your business, this is a great purchase to show the world that you really mean business.

Audio-Technical AT2040 costs about 9,500 rubles on Amazon and you need to spend at least 10,000 rubles for the speaker and cables. But it will be a worthwhile investment for every penny.


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