Audi is studying how to keep school children safe with C-V2X technology

Audi wants to deploy technology in other areas to allow vehicles to report when approaching school zones.

The luxury brand has made strides this year, moving from mobile to technology to all-things-CVV2X throughout the Alfarta, Ga and Fulton County school systems.

Such technology uses 4G LTE or 5G cellular networks to transmit wireless signals between vehicles and objects such as traffic lights and pedestrian phones, allowing vehicles to assess their location.

For its first deployment, Audi will work with Commsignia, a provider of wireless technology giant Qualcomm and software systems to deploy the C-V2X on the 2021 Audi e-Tron SportBack and the Blue Bird School bus. Applied information Provides intelligent roadside units loaded with flash velocity signs in school zones.

The companies sent both Audi Bird buses and roadside signs to armed Audi, warning drivers and sounding them to cool down.

Audi recognizes that the installation of C-V2X antennas on the bus driver has led to widespread transmission of CVV2X messages.

“We [and our partners] What we have been able to do is dig into the last questions that need to be answered when the CVVX X appears in production vehicles, ”said Audi spokesman Jacob Brown. Shift In an email.

Out of the 130 connected traffic signs, the CVV2X has 58 alphareta and its external radius. Brown said the city could see a wider CVX2 deployment in the next few years.

According to Brown, dozens of CVV ​​2 X programs operating at the Alfarta Infrastructure Automotive Experimental Laboratory are testing the technology in direct traffic, hills, curves, construction and changing seasons.

The rules of the Federal Communications Commission allow C-V2X to be deployed only under test licenses. Brown said that if the regulatory agency assigns a 5.9-gigahertz spectrum to C-V2X applications, it could change if it increases transparency in its 2020 decision.

Audi is in talks with partners around the United States for a new initial deployment, Brown said.

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