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By Jack Guy, CNN

Fast track and new developments in running shoes have seen a number of records being broken at the Tokyo Olympics, but a prominent sports scientist has warned that athletes could enter the “Fault negotiations”.

Among the record-breakers were Norway’s Karston Warholm, who set a world record in the men’s 400-meter hurdles, and Sydney McLaulalin of the USA.

Athletes commented on the fast track, while others said Nike’s “super speeds” would give athletes a chance.

The shoes have a sturdy sole and an air pocket under the soles, as well as a new soft sole that restores more soft energy and reflects more weight, said Geoff Burns, a university sports scientist. Michigan.

“That combination really makes a difference,” Burns told CNN on Friday.

The technology, which was first introduced in street running shoes a few years ago, has since been introduced to track shoes.

Its introduction raises the pace of road running times, and while the impact on the track is relatively small, it still provides a 1% to 2% chance for middle and distance runners, says Burns.

How much the dial will move during the Spring event, that’s a big unknown right now. ”

While there is no information on the results of the short events, 400-meter champion Warhol also criticized his rival, Nike, for his impact on the sport.

“The things I hated on the streets were between his shoes,” says Warhol, who wears a pair of Uma Ma Spikes with the help of Mercedes.

“If you want stability, you can put a mattress there, but if you put a trampoline there, I think it’s bullying * and I think it will take credibility away from our sport,” Warhol said.

CNN spoke with Nike and the International Olympic Committee, and Benjamin, who finished second in the men’s 400-meter hurdles, paid tribute to the athletes rather than technology.

“People say it’s the track, it’s the shoes. I wear different shoes and still run faster, it really doesn’t matter. ” “There is some flexibility in the shoes, don’t get me wrong, and it’s good to have a good track record.

But no one in history has ever gone out there and done what we did. I don’t care who I am. ”

Nevertheless, some critics argue that technological advances are similar to taking drugs that improve performance. “We talk about performance,” said sports scientist Ross Tucker, reflecting on advances in shoe technology.

These shoes cause similar problems with doping.

Others, like Burns, point out that the shoes do not violate any rules.

“These shoes are legal, not mechanical doping,” he said. They do not deceive.

But the technology raises thorny questions when it comes to comparing today’s athletes to previous record holders.

Earlier this year, Usain Bolt, the men’s 100-meter world record holder, was not worried if the records were broken with the help of such technology.

“Everyone knows why, and then it doesn’t bother me,” Bolt told CNN in March. Like I said, I’m happy to be the fastest man in the world, but it was always the gold medal that was important to me because that’s how you really prove yourself.

‘More Reforms’

While acknowledging that the athletes are pushing each other faster, Warhol also described the 25-year-old Norwegian as a “great track.”

The land will be supplied by Italian manufacturer Mondo, with the main goal being to “increase the speed of athletes and improve their performance.”

According to World Athletics and Mondo, more than 280 world records were set on the company’s tracks before the Tokyo Olympics.

Dalila Mohammed, who won the women’s 400-meter hurdles for the USA team, was one of the many athletes who noticed the impact on the track.

It’s a really fast track, and it goes down there. You can tell how fast the track is, how easy it is to move your steps between obstacles. ” He was there in all obstacles. Today I was able to do a 14-step design. ”

She also mentioned the track after setting the record for the women’s 400-meter hurdles.

“A lot of people have talked about shoes, but I think it’s just one of those tracks,” she said. He immediately restores that power and pushes you, moving you forward.

If the track works in the Mondo way, it works on the same principle as Nike Speaks. “At each level, it provides more rehabilitation for the athletes,” he said.

While some people may argue that using technology to accelerate seeding time, other changes suggest that similar changes have been made in the past, such as switching to synthetic tracks, Burns said.

“We have always had these steps in our sporting history, and it is now one of them,” said Burns. Right or wrong, we will definitely be challenged by the last few verses.

But Burns also acknowledged that technological advances could be a disadvantage for athletes.

“If you go ahead with the show, you don’t know exactly how much the performance will be because of the technology,” says Burns. When an athlete’s record is broken, they no longer have total ownership of that record.

What you did was a Fausti negotiation.

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