Athena Technology Acquisition Corporation from Heliogen, Inc. Announces approval of trade alliance with

Kenneso, Ga. And Pasadena, California – (Business Wire– Athens Technology Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: ATHN) (“ATHN”) is a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company whose shareholders have previously acquired Heliogen, Inc. (“Heliogen”) voted to approve the announced business partnership. ) At the ATHN Special Shareholders’ Meeting (“Special Meeting”) held today, December 28, 2021.

At the special meeting, more than 91% of the votes were in favor of the merger. ATHN shareholders voted in favor of all proposals at the special meeting. ATHN plans to present the results of the special meeting to the Security and Exchange Commission tomorrow in 8-K format, according to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

The merger is expected to close on December 30, 2021, despite the satisfaction of some other closing conditions. Following the closure, the joint venture will be called Heliogen, Inc. And the joint stock and securities are expected to be traded on December 31, 2021 under the New York Stock Exchange under the HLGN and HLGNW signs.

About Athena Technology Acquisition Corporation

Athena Technology Acquisition Corporation is a privately owned, privately held acquisition company that specializes in mergers, acquisitions, acquisitions, reorganization or similar businesses directly from one or more businesses in the technology – consumer and fintech industries.

About Heliogen

Heliogen is a renewable energy technology company focused on eliminating the need for fossil fuels in the heavy industry and creating a sustainable future. The company’s AI-enabled, modular concentrated solar technology aims to deliver 24/7 carbon-free energy in heat, energy or green hydrogen fuel scales – for the first time in history. Heliogen was invented in 1996 by Bill Gross, a technology invention called Idealab. For more information about Heliogen, please visit

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