At Halo Infinite Microsoft, the flagship team hopes to revive the game

“It’s a joke,” he added. “It is not darkness and congestion. It is not filled with anti-heroism. ”

August last year, Microsoft He says he is delaying his release. The difficulty and stress of remote game development due to “a number of factors that contribute to development challenges”. In less than a month, fans have criticized the game for its uninteresting graphics.

Without Halo, the latest Xbox release last year had problems with Sony’s new Play Station consoles. But big economic issues may have hampered Microsoft’s benefits.

The delay has given developers time to get constructive feedback from the community and to get some clues to what is resonating or not, said Kiki Wolfkill, executive of 343 Industries, leading Halo’s efforts in the media, including live television series. First place next year.

The head of 343, Bonnie Ross, said in an email that one of the reasons for the delay in responding to the Halo Preview. “The team was upset but it gave us a chance to step back and improve,” she said.

The commotion in the studio, however, has been delayed for years. The six-year difference after the release of Halo V is the longest gap between the two major titles in Franchise – Bungi Halo Original Studio In 2007, it split more than 343 games from Microsoft.

Halo Infinite is a bicycle driven by leaders, creative director Tim Longgo and executive Mary Olson. They left in 2019. Weeks after last year’s delay, Chris Lee, the deputy director, handed over control to Mr. Staten and another executive.

“There will always be a change of leadership,” said Matt Buty, head of Xbox gaming studios. “Sometimes the pace of the project is going one way, and that person has a vision going the other way,” he added.

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