Ask a broker: What role does technology play in our home?

That is a good question, especially now that we all spend so much time in our homes. Our homes have literally become our safe havens, our offices, our classrooms, our toilets. At this time, homeowners are using technology to feel safe, informed, comfortable and entertained.

In the luxury market that I focus on, homeowners need the ability to create scenes and control the environment in their home remotely from iPads and iPhones. Their security systems include elements such as complex locking systems and cameras. Some homes have fingerprints to access rooms, while others have motorized shades for cool and quiet interiors.

Human centric lighting has recently become an essential technology for luxury homes. This basically puts in outdoor lighting and improves the temperature. We are also looking at additional oxygen systems at home that will allow you to adjust the height of your home. Media rooms and theaters are still in high demand. Many families have moved from their original homes in large cities to their birdhouses, which means that these home technologies are particularly important as they are being pushed around indefinitely. Many local AVs. Companies are maintaining critical network systems during this challenging time, helping to keep everything from our alarms to our streaming service.

Although technology is not only needed in high-end homes. All homeowners can use some of the latest tools. For security reasons, products such as Nest and Ring are extremely convenient. It allows homeowners to set up home security systems with video alarms, cameras, bells and smart lights. They also provide thermostats and smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. Virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Joshai are perfect for playing music, listening to your favorite podcasts, and reminiscing about your fun time with friends.

Technology is now an essential part of every home. We must accept it during these difficult times and stay in touch with our friends, family, and community.

Chris Burley is based in the office of Sulfur Smith and Framton Real Estate in Woodie Creek – for the SSA in the Rosford Fork Valley. As a fisherman, he is proud of his unrestricted and related environmental factors.


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