As PLTR news markets look for a direction to start the week, pallant technologies are on the rise

  • NYSE: PLTR gained 1.80% of previous cancellations to close down broad markets.
  • Palantir will release a new partnership video ahead of the second quarter earnings call.
  • In Lilium, Pallanter’s investment can already be rewarded after a monster order.

NYSE: Data Analysis The company was on the right foot on PLTR August when the company was approaching its second quarter earnings call on August 11th before the market opened. On Monday, Pallanter’s shares gained 1.80% to close the August trading session for $ 22.10.. All three indexes rose to the start of the day, but fell during the last trading session. The S&P 500 had a good start to the month after July, the sixth straight month.

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Just nine days before the second quarter’s revenue call, Palanter is using social media to raise awareness of the company’s investors. On Monday, Palanter released an amazing eight-minute video explaining how the data analytics forums will be used by WFP or the World Food Program. Deliver food and supplies to people affected by natural disasters or other emergencies. Pallanter is no stranger to controversy, so investors are happy that the company does not only work on counter-terrorism and immigration issues.

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Pallanter may be looking at some of the first awards from the previous investment in the upcoming SPAC merger, Lilium. The German company reports that it has received the largest order for its 220 Evitol aircraft from Brazil in a deal worth $ 1 billion.. The agreement is important in two ways. First of all, it is the largest order in the history of Lilium’s youth, and it marks the first sign of a lucrative South American market.


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