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Former Dictator ISD Technology Director Troy Bagwell was a growing artist before he began his career in education technology 30 years ago.

Bagwell graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in painting and art, but has followed a more analytical approach to how to keep school district computers online.

After retiring from the Decatur ISD this summer, he is finally re-launching his artwork following a three-decade follow-up. Bagwell was chosen to perform at the Cretonon Studio in Fort Worth this week in the third Thursday of the City’s Art Journey from 6 to 9 p.m.

Crittendon Studio is located at 120 St. Louis Street near Fort Worth Arts District.

“It’s great to have a place to show my stuff to people outside of Wisdom County,” says Bagwell.

Bagwell will be the only artist featured in the gallery. On display, he shows nearly 20 of his first paintings, acrylics, and ischemic works completed by the studio last year. His paintings will last for several weeks, but Bagwell’s reception will be on Thursday.

For many of his paintings, Bagwell drew inspiration from the landscape around the house.

Although Bagwell worked full-time in school technology, he never allowed his talent to rust. After moving from the city to the country, they found more space for an art studio, but on a permanent basis, they truly returned to their love.

With more free time and room to cover his vast insights on canvas, Bagwell is now looking at the Crittendon display for a second job.

“This is the dream,” says Bagwell, about his hopes for a second career as an artist. I try and dream until he finds something else.

When Bacwell grew up in South Texas, he was a junkie with some 1,500 comic books. At an early age, he realized that he was good at molding the heroes and villains he loved. He clung to his studies at the University of North Texas and saw his talent blossom. Bagwell studied under one of the first Chinese artists in the West, such as Hong Liu, a Chinese-American American contemporary.

Liu’s influence on Bagwell has been confirmed by his work, his use of color, and his regret for not being able to see her before August 7th.

This week, the former student is re-launching himself and his artwork there.

It is a great time for the artist and the celebrated Decatur ISD retirement.

If Bagwell had the opportunity to say anything, thank her.

“It had a huge impact on my image,” says Bagwell. “ለሁ Thank you for the impact you have had on my life.”

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