Around the city – a technical error leads to an emergency fire extinguisher

Fire Department Vehicles On September 15, 2021, a large fire broke out in the backyard of Palo Alto’s home on Bryant Street. Photo by Magali Gauter.

In a recent column in the local city, Larry Page answers why the Sept. 14 fire alarm went off and why there was a community competition in support of the Great California Shield.

Tech error … When a two-alarm fire broke out on Sept. 14 at the owner’s Palo Alto home Google Co-founder Larry Page, Residents were warned around 8 p.m. PulsePoint, A popular emergency notification app. But the warning went off at 8:45 p.m.

The cancellation has raised suspicions among some residents that the page is receiving better treatment through privacy. But the reason behind the secret removal was so bad – at least according to city officials. Instead, it was a technology mistake.

PulsePoint contains information from a police computer-assisted delivery system that distributes real-time information to firefighters and law enforcement. When a sender receives a call, the employee enters a code that describes the type of event. He said the PulsePoint software will pick up the code and send information about the event Shannon Smith, Vice President of Communications for PulsePoint.

Deputy Fire Chief Kevin McNenley Explained further in the email: “Unfortunately, not all PulsePoint calls are built into their system. The call started as a structural fire, because that code was in their system. When it was upgraded to FULL FIRST (additional resources), the call was terminated. ” He said our technical services department is working with PulsePoint to fix the issue.

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