Army Institute of Technology celebrates 28th Foundation Day

The Army Institute of Technology should focus on innovating and innovating technology drives such as Atmannibahart, Standadp India and defense and space technologies, said Lt. Gen. JS Nain, GOC-in-C. , Southern Command and IT General Manager.

He was speaking to the audience at the IT Foundation Foundation Day program. The Army Institute of Technology recently celebrated its 28th Foundation Day. The guest of honor was Lieutenant General Sudarshan Asabnis (Red). The task is performed in mixed mode.

AIT gives lifelong success to Pradyp Bargava, Chairman of Automotive Systems and Meetings Limited and Independent Standing Systems. Successful Entrepreneur Award presented to Sudir Mehta, CMD, and Pinale Industries. The Young Entrepreneur Award was presented to Vegander Yadav, CEO and co-founder, Acops Systems.

Brig Abhay Bhat, Director, AIT Welcome to all celebrities, guests and prize winners.

Pradip Bargava emphasizes the importance of contributing to the community and the environment.

Sudhir Mehta expressed his belief that AIT could play an important role in nation building. He also mentioned that as members of the military, these values ​​are already entrenched. According to Vegender, the driving force behind entrepreneurship is happiness and the spread of happiness in society.

Lt Gen Arvind Walia, Patron, AIT, in their talk, discussed AI and ML on the importance of weapons systems, surveillance systems, target purchases and military decision-making. Introducing technologies in the Defense Forces, especially when the private sector is open, expects IT students and alumni to join forces with the armed forces.

Students, teachers and non-teaching staff were presented with awards by the distinguished guest Lt. Gen. Sudarshan Asabnis. The Commander-in-Chief of the All Rowers Cup has been awarded the 2021 Bach of Swagatica Sahu Computer Engineering. The GOC-in-C Prize was awarded to Swagatika Sahoo Computer Engineering, Saumyakanta Khatua from Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Rishabh Kumar Singh from Information Technology and Visual Naik from Mechanical Engineering for the first time.

Among the teachers, Prof. Dr. Sima Tiwari was awarded the Best Teacher and Best Research Award, while Rohan Sonawane was awarded the Best Technical Support Officer for the Information Technology Department. Sub B. Pradhan was awarded the Best Administrator Award.

The vote of thanks was given by Col. MK Prasad, Co-Director, AIT.


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