Apple Watch Series 7: All we know so far

The next generation of Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 7 is set to be unveiled on September 14 along with the new iPhone 13 and Apple AirPods 3. Although there are limited leaks regarding the upcoming flagship, we have a very good idea of ​​what to expect. Latest supply from Apple.

This is Apple’s next flagship smartphone that could come alone or on the SE SE side. It has been a successor to the Apple Watch 6 since last year and we hope it will bring some improvements to the company’s wearable line.

Product Issues

Apple’s preparations are set for next week, but a report by Nike in August indicated that Apple’s new smartphone could be delayed due to production problems. Production of the Apple Watch 7 began last month, but the complex design of the watch has had many problems connecting all parts together. This prevented him from moving to full manufacturing, Nicki’s report said.


The Apple Watch Series 4 has undergone some major design changes, and the Series 5, Series 6 and Watch SE have received similar design. The overall style and shape are the same as the original clock, but the new clocks offer many more screens in the same tracks.

According to rumors, the Series 7 will have a flat edge design that is more compatible with the iPhone, higher iPad and iMac.

This was confirmed by the following fraudster John Proser. Prosser has created his own images based on those definitions that say he has seen the upcoming device suppliers. The processor also comes with a series of colors and may have smaller edges around the display than previous generation Apple watches.

Makes Judgment – John Proser

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Gurman Apple claims that the 7 o’clock will come in 41mm and 45mm variations, but will have larger displays as the screen is pushed to the front edges. And that’s all set to be shared with the owner through the new Apple Watch Faces collection.

There are rumors that Apple is looking to switch from OLED screens to micro LEDs on its devices. Micro-LEDs have the potential to improve image quality and reduce battery consumption, so this is a desirable change. However, DigiTimes reports that this change is still years away.

From a material point of view, Apple could eliminate the model for the series 7 titanium edition.

Battery life

One of the biggest and constant complaints about the Apple Watch is its poor battery life, especially compared to competing smart watches and fitness monitors. If battery life improves dramatically, Apple Watch 7 could be a game changer for Apple.

The last three models all offer 18 hours of battery life, the Series 6 housing has 265.9 mAh battery. According to technology expert Max Wenbach, the Apple Watch 7 will have a 20% larger battery than the second generation Apple watch.

Features and details

In light of the features presented, Series 7 is expected to provide additional health and fitness features. It is said that there will be a ‘run time’ feature and audio meditation that will combine the ‘time to walk’ feature on the fitness +.

There are also rumors that Apple may arrive at 7 o’clock without much talk about blood glucose control. However, a new report suggests that Apple’s 7-watt smartwatch may have a blood pressure monitor instead. The Apple Watch 7 also gets new swimming tracking features.

Apple will launch the new watchOS 8 at 8 o’clock. Photos app.

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