Apple wants to block unwanted air tag monitoring by Tweaks

Apple announced on Thursday that it has upgraded its Ertag coin-sized tracking devices instead of just searching for lost keys, wallets or other items.

The Ertag devices, which were launched earlier this year, are designed to be attached to things that people might miss, and can be traced wirelessly to iPhone models, iPad devices or iPod Touch devices.

Reports have surfaced that Ertags could be used for more clever purposes, such as stepping into a car to steal later or find out where the owner is going.

“We know that individuals may receive unwanted tracking alerts, such as by borrowing an air tag,” Apple wrote in the post.

“We have also seen reports of malicious actors using AirTag for malicious or criminal purposes.”

Apple says it is working with police and security forces to stop the abuse.

When newer models of the iPhone were discovered in the region, they were alerted to the “undisclosed accessory” in the region.

Air Tag is being updated for the first time to use it, and Apple will share its owners’ identities with the police when it guarantees that unauthorized surveillance is a crime.

Apple says it is working to help iPhones access ertag gadgets to help people access their unauthorized installations.

“AirTag is not designed to monitor the property of others or to help them access their personal property,” Apple said in a statement.

“We strongly condemn any harmful use of our products.”

Apple released software for Android users at the end of last year to let them know if Ertag is nearby.


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