Apple offers a small discount for Netflix, simplifying the rules for other app stores

San Francisco / Tokyo, September 1 (Reuters) – Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) on Wednesday released App Store rules, allowing content providers such as Netflix Inc. (NFLX.O) to subscribe to their websites. Accounts payable.

The offer was part of a settlement with a Japanese anti-religious watchdog that said the change was enough to close a five-year investigation into Apple, which focused on video and music apps but did not consider games.

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American technology has to deal with other legal and regulatory challenges that the game’s makers are pursuing, including the anti-religious allegations made by the creator of Fortune’s epic games.

The application has been lifted for so-called readers who offer content that does not provide services such as e-books, videos, and music, and will require a registration fee.

Apple said the change will take effect early next year and will be implemented globally.

Some companies say the offer is not enough.

Spotify Technology (SPOT.N) said in a statement: “Limited anti-spyware fix does not solve all our issues.” The music streaming company has filed a lawsuit against European Union (EU) officials over Apple.

Apple’s App Store is a major part of its $ 53.8 billion service segment, which collects 15% to 30% of commission purchases.

One of the most controversial of its rules for gamers is the practice of not allowing developers to take other types of payments into apps, especially Epic Games.

That will determine whether Apple can maintain control over the apps on its devices and whether it will be allowed to charge commissions for developers.

In response to Apple’s latest announcement in the App Store, Epic Games general manager Tim Swayway tried to reassure Apple with insufficient numerical measures.

“Apple must launch iOS based on hardware, stores, payments and services, each competing on its own merits. Instead, they carry out the daily routine of division and transfer, hoping to escape. Most of their imprisonment practices ”on Twitter.

An official of the Japan Fair Trade Commission said the scope of the investigation did not cover the games.

“There is also the possibility of an investigation into the games,” he told a news conference.

Apple accounts for 46.5% of the Japanese smartphone market, which sells more than $ 30 million a year.

The latest offer from the iPhone maker is the second in several weeks. It reached an agreement last week with a group of developers in the United States in a class action lawsuit, ending a ban on talking to users about payment options in emails.

In one of the most recent challenges, South Korea on Tuesday forced major app store operators, including Apple, to use developers’ payment systems, effectively blocking commissions on in-app purchases.

The company is facing similar legal action in the United States and Europe.

According to a source and documents obtained by Reuters, India is facing a similar new anti-credibility test.

Stephen Nellis report in Tim Kelly in San Francisco and Tokyo; Additional report by Kanishka Singh in Bengalru; Writing by Yantani buffalo; Edited by Peter Cune and Edwinina Gibbs

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