Apple Max may soon acquire UWB technology for iPhone.

Ultra wideband, or UWB, is a short-range wireless communication technology used to understand the location of Apple devices such as iPhones, Apples, and Airtags.


  • Apple may be planning to bring UWB technology to Macs.
  • UWB allows Apple devices to communicate better with the right location.
  • But Apple may need to equip the U1 chip in such devices.

Apple has recently released the next software update beta for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Macs will soon get an update to the pre-release macOS Monterey 12.3, and with it the long-standing feature of the iPhone may come. MacOS 12.3 beta software update internal files confirms that Apple will soon be bringing ultra wideband (UWB) technology to Macs.

According to 9 to5Mac, the latest beta version of MacOS software contains some of the frameworks and demos (background systems) required for the most advanced band technology on Apple devices. These same features are found in the iPhone models with the U1 chip, which allows for a much wider range of features.

Ultra wideband, or UWB, is a short-range wireless communication technology used by devices for environmental awareness. Apple introduced UWB on the iPhone in 2019 and gradually expanded to support devices with the addition of Apple, Airtags and HomePod mini. UWB lets Apple devices communicate with each other and know their exact location. This technology also allows Apple devices to quickly exchange errop files, use AirPlay quickly, and carcass verification without having to take an iPhone out of pocket. Search My Network Uses UWB to find out the exact location.

If the new beta software is any indication, now, Apple may be planning to bring all these benefits to Macs. But Macs need a compatible U1 or similar chip to access UWB technology. Apparently, the only screen-enabled devices that come with UWB technology are iPhones and Apples. They don’t even have the latest iPad models. This means that Apple is trying to implement UWB technology on larger screen devices.

Codes related to the UWB technology in the macOS 12.3 beta can be a strong indication that Apple Max is open to accessing the right location technology. It is not clear when the Mac models with the U1 chip will arrive. So far, reports suggest that Apple will launch MacBook Air with an M2 chip, MacBook Pro with better hardware and a 27-inch iMac Pro this year and more.

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