Analysis: Break barriers to the use of legal technology through training

Many law enforcement agencies and law departments report barriers to the use of legal technology, and inadequate training may be a major cause. To help overcome these barriers, organizations must consider creating more opportunities for their lawyers and staff to train in legal technology.

When asked what constraints constrained the use of legal technologies in their organizations, respondents to Bloomberg Law’s 2021 Legal Technology Survey said the major barriers were lack of technological knowledge, lack of knowledge of existing technology, and lack of time to learn. Technology.

More than 70% of respondents said they had received less than three hours of legal technology training on new or existing technology in the past 12 months. However, those who received more training were three times more likely to report no obstacles than those who received less than an hour of training.

In this regard, increasing the acceptance of legal technology training lawyers and staff will help to overcome these barriers. Organizations should consider the following:

  • Develop a well-defined legal technology training program and strategy.
  • Increase the amount of time allotted for training on new and existing technologies.
  • Provide training resources and materials that lawyers and staff can use to learn about technologies.
  • Provide attorneys with a reasonable number of hours that are reasonable for the legal requirements for legal technology training.
  • Find out how to improve training and find the most helpful resources.
  • Participate with software providers or trainers to design more effective trainings.

Allowing lawyers and staff to spend more time in legal technology training can improve their understanding of existing technologies and make them more open to the use of technology. Training investments that increase the use of technology now can increase future efficiency and productivity.

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