An amazing technology company could be next in line to join Dawn

There is a strong case to be made Nvidia (NV.A.) Join the Dow Jones Industrial Average, one of the most popular barometers in the market. In fact, one could argue that Nvidia might be more suitable than the current chip king Intel (INTC) Or a tech giant IBM (IBM).

To be sure, the chip maker’s annual sales are still worth less than $ 70 billion this year, compared to Intel or IBM. But Nvidia’s revenue forecast for this fiscal year is about $ 25 billion.

It is also more than expected for sales of Dow components Visa (V) And McDonald’s (M.C.D.), And equally large revenue estimates for software Sales force (CRM), Added to Dow last year.
Nvidia graphics processing chips are an integral part of high-end computers used by players as well as high-end mining computers for payment, and adding Nvidia could increase the exposure of the gaming and cryptocurrencies to more profitable industries.
There is another big reason why Dawn joins Nvidia to talk more about the season. (Investment stations Motley Ful and Feleg Alpha both speculated about the possibility.)

Stock distribution can set up Nvidia to include Dovin

Until recently, Nuvidia was too expensive for Dae to weigh the 30 companies listed.

A few weeks ago, Nvidia’s stock traded up $ 750 in the North. So putting it in the dowry at that price was still the largest member of the index. United Nations (UNH)With a share price of about $ 415, the stock is currently the largest stock in the Dow at around 8%.

But Nvidia recently paid a quarterly share price. Shares are currently trading at around $ 190. There are more than a dozen shares worth more.

Apple (A.P.L.) Linn Divide the stock into a Dow-friendly level before adding it to the blue chip average in 2015.
And the reality is the technical titans Amazon (AMZN) And Google owner Letter (GOOGL)Each of the four-digit stocks, which has not been split recently, is the main reason why both companies are not in Dow – despite market prices reaching $ 2 trillion.
Facebook (F.B.) Another future addition is Doug, now worth more than $ 1 trillion.
The social media giant may also need to split the stock. With a price tag of around $ 375, Facebook will be the third largest dove in the world, followed by United Health. Goldman Sachs (G.S.). That’s why Nvidia seems to have a more logical Doug addition.
Navidia could also be an attractive option if the company’s UK-based mobile chip designer debugging goes beyond purchasing software. The $ 40 billion acquisition makes Nvidia the biggest player in the tech world.
There are questions as to whether the agreement will be subject to regulatory scrutiny as it is being investigated by a number of agencies around the world. It is expected that the arm will be able to monitor the initial public supply instead.
Nvidia not available for comment. A spokesman for the company told CNN Business that Simon Segers, the company’s chief executive, had no plans for the Telegraph and the IPO, and that the company was focused on closing down the Nvidia deal.

A spokesman for the SDPP Jones Index, which is responsible for making changes to the organizations listed on the Dow, did not comment on Nvidia’s inclusion or other changes to the index.

It is worth noting that Dow also improved. Of the three new members who joined last year, Sales Force Thank you (AMGN) And Marwell (H.) Also added Exxon Mobile (XOM), Pfizer (PFE) And Reyton (RTN) He was given a start.


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