An additional round of financial support has been announced by e2log, the creator of supply chain technology

Houston: (Business Wire) – e2log, supply chain technology innovation, is pleased to announce another round of funding. The process involved Upper90, a New York-based hybrid fund that provides loans and equity to disruptors in e-commerce, enterprise and fintech. Participate in this round with a team of high-tech and software experienced individuals. Douglas Gilstrap joins the e2log board as a representative of the investor team.

The money will support more technology innovation, improve global connectivity, and drive sales and marketing initiatives.

Supply chain disruptions He said the recent global turmoil has highlighted the lack of technology – and increased demand in the area. As enterprises control their supply chains, this financial support will enable us to support and guide more specialized investors in our portfolio.

A new approach to logistics

E2log’s unique enterprise logistics management system helps cargo owners and sailors manage end-to-end supply chain management for complete command life cycle management. The e2log solution allows supply chain teams within the enterprise to operate on a single platform and manage both global and domestic logistics for all types of shipments across all routes. The platform greatly simplifies complex logistics processes, helping cargo owners and sailors control their supply chains.

“Every business faces supply chain challenges, both in size and scale, offline or offline. e2log is providing an integrated platform that improves efficiency, transparency and cost savings at every point in the cycle, ”said General Manager and Founder, Top 90. We are proud to be a leading partner in e2log, helping to accelerate growth with minimal efficiency.

About e2log

Texas-based e2log was founded in 2018 by a team of current supply chain executives tasked with simplifying global logistics and significantly improving the control of cargo holders and sailors. The company has since built a cloud-based platform to reduce shipping costs, significantly improve the efficiency of the process and measure the performance of each component of the supply chain, providing unprecedented visibility and transparency. More information on e2log is available at

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