Amazon wins Indian court battle over local power plant

Tushar Pania, a spokesman for the faith, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In Indian legal circles, the verdict was seen as another sign of the independence of the judiciary, which had previously been criticized for undermining free speech.

India’s justice system has long been a pillar of democracy in the country. It has made a series of progressive decisions, including the right to bail for activists arrested under strict anti-terrorism and anti-terrorism laws, including a series of bans on homosexuality and respect for privacy.

The battle between the Amazon and the security industry is not over.

The future group said in a statement on Friday that it was “determined to pursue all possible means to conclude the agreement.” The future party may appeal the decision of the Singapore Arbitration Court to the Supreme Court of India. Lawyers are evaluating the best course of action, said company spokeswoman Swentank Jane.

Amazon is still under investigation by the government’s anti-trust watchdog over its deal with the group. At the end of last month, the Indian Competition Commission announced that When he signed the deal in 2019, the company made a show for Amazon, accusing it of not anticipating future retail demand. (Amazon, e-commerce and other areas and has a large customer base, is the target of anti-religious investigations in the United States and Europe.)

Agency Chairman Ashok Kumar Gupta did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Future Group Supermarkets and other stores can serve as the basis for building or expanding e-commerce territory in India, which is a lucrative reward. Indian Online Market By $ 2025, $ 85.5 billion is expected, according to Forrest Research. Facebook, Walmart and others are investing heavily in the country.

Sanjeev Kumar, an analyst at New Delhi in Forrest Research, said Amazon’s push to enter the Indian retail market into grocery markets was aimed at fighting Walmart-controlled Flcart. He said the country’s commodity market is expected to reach $ 10 billion by 2025.

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