Amazon is settling in with 2 employees it fired last year

Last year, Amazon redesigned the tech industry and fired the retailer. Former employees Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa have publicly criticized the company and pushed Amazon to better protect warehouse workers than COVID-19.

They also wanted Amazon to do more to reduce its impact on climate change. Cunningham and Costa have said that the settlement means that Amazon will have to pay the lost wages and that the company will not be able to organize and dismiss its employees. Cunningham and Costa said in a statement: “This is a victory for workers’ rights and a testament to our commitment to each other, to justice and to the world.”

In the event of a settlement, Amazon will hold a lengthy hearing before the National Labor Relations Board. Amazon said in a statement on Thursday that it would accept “a solution to this issue.” Two of the most popular voices in Seattle are former employees of Amazon’s user experience designers who want the company to take further steps to combat climate change and stop trading with oil and gas companies.

They protested and told the media about their concerns. Last year, when Covid-19 was distributed in the United States, Cunningham and Costa planned to make a call between Amazon warehouses and office staff, and people in online shopping malls worked to talk and pack about unsafe conditions and spread the plague throughout the epidemic. Send orders online. At the time, Amazon fired them, not because they spoke publicly about working conditions or sustainability. Shortly afterwards, an Amazon executive stopped protesting, saying that he could not stand still.


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