Amazon Fall Event 2021 September 28 – What to Expect

Amazon is scheduled to host its annual fall event on Tuesday, September 28th. Although the event will not be broadcast live, the company is ready to launch new products and services, with Amazon opting for an invitation only. Here is what Amazon is expected to do at the event.

New Eco Smart Speakers

Amazon has a history of launching new eco devices at events, including Eco Auto, Mobile Eco Show 10 and more. The brand is also expected to launch a series of speakers at the 2021 event. Little is known about the new products, but expect more on the line.

Existing eco products are also expected to be renewed this year.

Alexa updates

Amazon’s own voice assistant, Alexa, is expected to pick some major updates from the post. Amazon can add additional features to support remote work and teleconferencing culture. The company added support for the Echo Show group call last year and that gives us a hint of where Amazon wants to make improvements between VVs.

News on the case

Amazon, which plans to integrate multiple modern IoT platforms, has been planning Amazon for some time. However, the service has since been pushed to 2022. But Amazon can also give us new updates.

Other products, services

Amazon is expected to launch its all-time flying camera in Q4 this year, and the company is expected to be on the same list this year, possibly in the fall.

Amazon may have a new partnership for new services, as it has done in the past with eros, rings and flashes, and sidewalks. It is expected that the company will talk more about privacy and how Amazon protects consumer information.


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