Alum Technology and Nippon Steel Engineering have announced the launch of their smart cleaning service and Almatum Technologies has also received financial support for further development.

Helsinki – (Business Wire–Altum Technologies Oy (General Manager: Matthias Tynela, in Helsinki, Finland, hereinafter referred to as አልተ), and Nippon Steel Engineering Company. ) They are announcing a joint venture to launch a new smart cleaning service.

This new service allows manufacturers to use software-guided ultrasound technology to clean and sanitize industrial equipment and pipelines. Both companies have signed Altum’s ZPD Technology Licensing Agreement to provide modern cleaning services throughout Japan, including energy, petrochemical, paper manufacturing, food, beverage companies and more.

Now Altum and NSE are not only powerful enough, but also combine large and multi-industry process tools and equipment to provide an effective ultrasound solution. Companies will no longer suffer from bankruptcy and many other related issues.

The current market size of the Smart Cleaning Service in Japan is estimated at $ 1.8 billion ($ 200 billion). NSE and Altum will continue to work to expand this market to new heights.

The goal of Alteum and NSA is to benefit not only the industry but also the entire planet because of the reduction in carbon emissions from industrial production facilities. Alternative cleaning methods also include toxic chemicals and are the goal of Altem and NSA to eliminate or reduce the use of these chemicals in cleaning production processes. NSE’s and Altum’s ultrasonic services are an unprecedented tool to combat climate change and help companies meet UN SDGs.

Altum received the next round of funding from LocalTapiola Insurance Companies, Tessie (Finnish Industry Investment Limited) and

Altum provides ZPD services globally to improve industrial energy efficiency. This will reduce the burden on the environment and contribute to the widespread use of carbon-neutral communities.

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