AlphaBeats will be showcasing the most advanced neuro feedback technology in CES 2022

Eindhoven, Holland, December 27, 2021 (PRNewswire) – AlphaBeats, the world’s leading technology security platform, has announced the launch of CES 2022, the world’s leading technology event.

After two years of catastrophic events, the CVD-19 epidemic continued to threaten mental health, and now Omiron poses new threats to the United States.

As disease control centers, from August 2020 to the February 2021Recent symptoms of anxiety or depression have increased from 36.4% to 41.5%. Americans are also concerned about long-term issues such as care costs and access.

AlphaBeats addresses these concerns by providing free early access services to US users in times of urgent need. People can find inner peace by listening to AlphaBeats for 10 minutes every day.

Innovative algorithms and neuro feedback technology allow AlphaBeats to determine a user’s level of anxiety. The user opens the AlphaBeats app and listens to their favorite music.

The app measures breathing and heart rate fluctuations while the person is listening to a smartphone or connected smartphone. Algorithm increases alpha waves in the brain, which reduces the userAnxiety level.

For those who are concerned about safety, AlphaBeats offers daily activities to promote personal fitness and mental well-being just by listening to your favorite music for 10 minutes a day. Our busy schedule, lack of time, and motivation keep us from caring for ourselves. Adding AlphaBeats to your daily routine can help you cope with stress and refresh your mind. AlphaBeats CEO Han Dirks.

AlphaBeats has completed the initial stage of early access Holland And hopes to bring alpha moments to the United States.

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Founded in 2019, AlphaBeats of NetherlandsPhilips-based Neurofidback technology and proprietary algorithm-based Health Tech Venture. Alpha Beats users only need an app, a smartphone and 10 minutes to listen to their favorite music. Introducing this new daily activity promotes excellence and mental well-being.

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