Algo wins three-year race Bissau Technology Innovation Award

Pole, Mass, March 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – AlegoThe Bank of Insurance and Securities Association (BISA) has announced that it has won. 2022 Technology Innovation Award. This is the third time BISA Allegon has been recognized with the award, which recognizes the financial services industry’s leadership in promoting technology products, services and platforms and the commitment of companies to bring technology-based solutions to the industry.

Alego was recognized at the awards ceremony this morning 2022 BISA Annual Convention In the Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach, Florida. In addition to this recognition, Alego demonstrates at the conference (Table 14) how video marketing platform enhances consulting and customer relationships, empowers organizations, and demonstrates video management and performance improvement efforts in a virtual and mixed world. Training on demand. Alego’s experience in the financial services industry is based on his long-standing relationship with well-known brands such as Global Atlantic Financial Group, First Horizon Consultants, Jackson National Life Insurance, John Hancock Investments and JP Morgan Asset and Wealth Management.

Even before the outbreak, the banking, insurance and insurance industries were struggling with geographically fragmented groups, constantly evolving markets, and complex product lines, making it difficult to provide general training, related content, and innovative marketing tools to agents. Mark Magnaka, President and Founder of Algo. “Right now, to stay here with virtual sales, future-looking companies are embracing mobile and video technology to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration, content sharing and increased training, which means more serial messaging, more effective consultants and more sales.”

The 2022 BISA Technology Innovation Award is another testament to Algo’s continued commitment to delivering the most efficient and customer-focused team enablement technology needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced financial services world. Recently, it has received industry recognition from several leading companies, including the Algo Acceleration Forum Training Industry 2022 Sales Training and Enabling Companies Observation List2021 Brandon Hall Team Excellence in Technology Award And Best General Sales Enhancement Software Solution at the 2021 Martech Breakthrough Awards.

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Algo provides a complete sales platform with patented technology that ensures that sellers have the skills, knowledge and content they need to facilitate team success in the virtual world. Through traditional training and content enforcement strategies – fast-paced and often ineffective – Algo delegates encourage personal training and education needed to quickly close active content and further improve. And it all happens in the flow of their daily work. In the same video, more than 650,000 professionals will use Algon to board, train, collaborate, and sell a variety of AI-enabled coaching and peer-to-peer skills. Please visit to learn more about Algo and its sales potential in the workflow

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