Air University Press publishes summer magazines, announces title changes

Air University Press has published the 2021 summer magazines and is announcing changes to two editions.

Journal of Air and Space ForceA.D. Launched in 1947, the 5th Air Force Flag Journal contains articles on Air Force theory, organizational culture, and resource management. Special forum Looking backA review of past articles by Air University professors in today’s context revisits the magazine’s last twenty years under its current name. This memorial of ASPJ It celebrates the strength of the magazine and is used to announce some future changes.

In the spring, ASPJ It switches to digital-only format and receives a slightly different name, which clearly reflects the journal’s cultural focus on operations. A review of air and space operations. Moving ASPJ Strict budget for digital-only publishing and changing media choices between the print reader address the challenges. The journal will continue to provide readers with intellectual, insightful work, and will continue to provide authors with the opportunity to publish extensively on academic freedom reference references to enhance the Air Force, US military, and national security strategy, policies, plans, and operations. See

In light of the changes to come, the Winter 2021 edition. Systematic studies quarterly Contributed by the first editor of SSQ. Special note: Graham Allison’s application of Thucydides Trap concept to US-China relations The articles cover Air Force Government Control, Canada-US Joint Defense for Continental Defense, Strategic Stabilization on Nuclear Technology Policies, and Chinese Science Fiction and Culture. On the topic ReconsideredFour articles from the SSQ document cover topics including Air Force Efficiency, Creating Good Air Force Strategies, The Importance of Strategic Design, and Greater China Strategy. The issue also includes French contributions to strategic climate.

When the SSQ Spring 2022 edition was changed to one name Æther ፡ የ Strategy and Air Force Journal, The Journal continues to be heavily involved in national and international security policy concepts and theories, emphasizing their importance to the Air Force. See

Articles in Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs Include unbalanced competition in the Arctic, build resilience to the East Asian approach; The arrival or quad of a quarantine security discussion; Energy balance in the Indo-Pacific; Why can’t China oppose US military supremacy; And Australia’s role in the collapse of Quad and China. See

Of American Journal Looks at the history, current work and future collaborations of space programs in Latin America; Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Perspectives of Brazil Strategic Space Systems Program; An Evaluation of the Intellectual Property of Chinese Nicopolis in Latin America; An author’s view of the relevant legal lessons that can be found only in US Air Force training, and Peruvian recruitment analysis of the Air Force principles in the Senegalese conflict. See

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