AI-based vision processing technology that evaluates activities in minutes and on the go: Occupational Health and Safety


Ii-based vision processing technology that evaluates activities in minutes and on the go

Take the risk of your actions on the trip to measure what your eyes can’t, then watch it automatically and provide a detailed report that evaluates the overall body and the right angles of the parts.

As a security guide, what do you want more than the most convenient and easy-to-use tool to report all ergo? Sounds great to be true? no I do not.

This innovation does not go unnoticed for organizations that invest in the safety of their employees. SoterTask is a dynamic, dynamic game that facilitates and accelerates ergonomic reviews.

The solution does not require special equipment or sensors and can be used on the go. It is very simple; It can be made by anyone and it also provides an amazing invisible interface that you can struggle to navigate. The biggest benefit? No labor is required. It requires a video of the work to produce a beautifully presented ergonomic report that shows all the possible hazards in the key measures to improve productivity by reducing the risk factors that lead to injury.

It is a technical tool that provides not only observation techniques, but also factual information and additional skills to help keep employees safe.

Get at your fingertips a comprehensive risk analysis that includes and integrates all industry ergo tools, including risk and comparison of pre- and post-intervention applications. Companies are describing it as “the most versatile tool to minimize all practical risks.”

What exactly is it?
II-driven video processing function is a risk assessment tool, enough for anyone to use and does all the hard work for you.


Using human activity analysis, it evaluates angles or hazards in any movement of the whole body or parts. Produce ergonomic reviews, simplify and validate performance reviews and workplace improvements.

With no preparation or special hardware, the technology can be applied on the go, measuring what your eyes cannot see. With just one click, all performance metrics and ergonomic data are considered accessible on a visually pleasing online dashboard.


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