After the ban, Twitter opened Rachel Gandhi’s week

A week after Twitter temporarily suspended the account, Congress leader Raul Gandhi returned to power on Saturday, but not before the main opposition party was accused of bias.

Gandhi’s account was temporarily suspended after he posted photos of a nine-year-old victim of rape and murder in northwestern Delhi. He thinks Twitter violates the rules.

Sources said that some party leaders who shared similar pictures were also able to restore their Twitter accounts.

A party official said:

The former congressman on Friday lashed out at Twitter, accusing it of “interfering in the national political process” and calling the closure “an attack on the country’s democratic structure.”

In a YouTube video statement, Gandhi accused the Twitter account of being “neutral and unreliable” and “seen by the government.”

Asked on Twitter, Gandhi said the company was denying millions of followers the right to comment, which was unfair.

Gandhi: “It is clear now that Twitter is not really a neutral, realistic platform. It is a discriminatory platform. It’s about listening to what the modern government has to say, ”Gandhi said.

In the wake of the dispute with Congress, Twitter reported that the Indian chief, Manish Mashashawar, had been charged with felony criminal mischief in connection with a video of an alleged HIR crime in Uttar Pradesh.

Although the company did not give a reason for the change, Mahshari said he would move to the United States as a senior director (revenue strategy and operations) and focus on new markets in his new role.


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