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Overall Review 3/5

Price – 22,999 rubles

We loved Thomson’s OATH Pro series. It will be Thomson’s flagship series with features such as 4K resolution and Dolby Vision. Next is the PATH series, which focuses primarily on budget-conscious buyers. The company soon introduced the 42-inch smart TV model in the PATH series. The price is close to that of a competitive 40-inch TV. Could this lead Thomson to the path of glory? Let’s find out.

Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV-Design and Connectivity-7/10

Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV

Unlike the OATH Pro series, this Thomson TV boasts an outdated design, not too thick, but with the familiar plastic edge around the screen. The quality of the construction is not premium, but it is a low-cost TV, and many do not complain. The power LED is at the bottom left of the screen. The TV can be mounted on the wall or on a table using the included plastic stand and winches. The stand is on the thick side and is ideal for adjusting the TV.

Two USB ports and two analog A / V inputs are located on the left side of the TV, with three HDMI inputs pointing to the bottom edge. Image: Tech 2 / Amia Dalvi

On the left side of the TV are two USB ports and two analog AVV inputs, three HDMI inputs (one supports ARC), optical audio output, coaxial audio output, headphone jack, and a LAN port. If you put your TV on your desk, connecting your device to an HDMI port can be a little difficult. However, given the size of the TV, it is not very difficult to get to the port. Included is voice-activated wireless remote control and AAA battery included.

Image: Tech 2 / Amia Dalvi

If you put your TV on your desk, connecting your device to an HDMI port can be a little difficult. Image: Tech 2 / Amia Dalvi

Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV-Features and Specifications 7/10

This TV has a 1920-inch pixel resolution with a full HD resolution and a 42-inch resolution with 60Hz resolution. The IPS panel is listed on the specified sheet, but considering the poor viewing angle of this TV is doubtful. We will talk about this later. Panel rated brightness is 500 nits and HDR format support not specified. This is good. In any case, budget full HD TVs are not good at processing HDR content.

In terms of specifications, the TV has a 4xMHz and Mali-450MP GPU clocked quad-core A53 cores. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, and the pieces use the Android TV 9.0 operating system. Sound output is rated at 30 watts RMS. Wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth (no version specified) and Surprise Surprise and dual-band Wi-Fi that supports 2.4GHz and 5 GHz networks. Many low-end TVs cannot boast of 5GHz Wi-Fi. Like all verified Android TVs, it has a built-in Chromecast that allows you to import content from compatible apps on your phone or tablet.

Image: Tech 2 / Amia Dalvi

In addition to the General Video, YouTube and Sony LV keys, the remote control has the home and back keys, input selection, volume control, volume button, settings and node keys. Image: Tech 2 / Amia Dalvi

Thomson incorporates this TV with another remote control that no other model has ever seen. The design is inspired by the Amazon Fire TV stick remote control, but there are some extra keys. The quality of the construction is generally decent, but not the same for Fami node keys. Once paired, the remote control works via Bluetooth and activates sound. You can launch Google Assistant by pressing the corresponding key and issuing a voice command. The remote control has the following check keys General Video, YouTube When Sony LIV With home key and back key, input selection, volume control, volume button, setting, node key.

Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV-User Interface 6/10

Thomson42PATH2121 runs Android TV 9.0 OS and has a stock user interface without a third-party launcher. It’s easy to use, add, remove, or mix shortcuts with regular lines for frequently used apps. The other lines show the last played or suggested content from various online streaming services. Installed on TV Google Play Store You can access thousands of popular apps. S. Main video The app is already installed but no support Netflix On this TV, the company may feel that the intended audience for this TV may not be interested Netflix..

Most interface elements are standard, but there are no image and audio editing options. You cannot adjust the image or sound (except audio) when viewing the Android Home screen or viewing content via OTT services. Nothing happens when I press the menu button. However, when using the HDMI input, you can press the same button for basic image and audio settings.

If you do not want to access HDMI sources, such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness, you will need to select the HDMI input from the home screen or OTT platform. It doesn’t matter if it is active. There, you can view the image settings, make the necessary adjustments and return to the viewer. If the image is still unsatisfactory, repeat this process. The same is true for sound settings. How the UX genius thought of this twisted path!

Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV-Image Resolution-6/10

The image quality of this Thomson TV is a good average and is from the OATH or OATH Pro series. I know this is a more affordable model for full HD than 4K, but I didn’t expect the quality difference to be huge. The coating is bright and slightly opaque, but the color reproduction is excellent. The comparison was unsatisfactory, and despite many adjustments, I could not find a sweet spot to find the right balance. The image is too bright or details in dark places are missing.

There is a significant blink in high contrast scenes. The skin is slightly yellow and looks flat even when viewed with high quality content. On this screen, scenes with little or no movement look great, but motion blur is seen in fast moving scenes. Not only is it difficult to adjust the image, but here are some basic options, not enough to eliminate the above weaknesses.

If you can look back on these issues earlier, full HD content, especially colors, will be displayed correctly on this screen, and 720p content quality is acceptable. This TV does not have the ability to get the highest quality content from the original video and Disney + Hotstar, but it does have enough analog to watch DTH content and older devices (such as DVD players). Suitable for connecting. For this TV submission.

Available for this popular OTT platform app on this TV: Netflix JES. You cannot download the app or drop the content on this TV. Netflix Phone application. Another obstacle to this TV is the viewing angle. In fact, if you have the IPS panel listed on the product page, the viewing angle is surprisingly poor. There is a noticeable color change of even more than 45 degrees.

Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV-Audio Quality-4/10

This TV has a pair of stereo speakers that claim to provide a total output of 30 watts RMS. The speakers are relatively loud with 40% of the volume, but the sound is absolutely flat and not bass. The conversation may seem obvious, but the overall tone seems boring. Sound quality is very acceptable for watching news, sports or some basic soap opera. Music and action movies are completely boring on the speakers.

There are some audio presets and 5-band indicators to adjust the volume well, but none of them are very helpful in improving the sound. It is highly recommended that you connect a sound bar or other external speaker system when using this TV. There are many audio output ports here, so you can choose from a variety of options.

Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV-Overall Performance 6/10

Thomson 9A42PATH2121_ Side Angle

Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV can be purchased for one year warranty for 22,999 rubles in reverse.

When I turn on the TV from the main, it takes about 40 seconds to start. This is acceptable on Android TV. If you turn it off after you post it and then turn on the remote control, the TV will return to standby mode in a few seconds. But wait, that doesn’t happen by default! For some reason, pressing the power button on the remote control will turn off the TV and prevent it from going into standby mode. Must be enabled from settings. And guess where that option is hidden? On the home screen it is in the HDMI mode settings menu instead of the standard Android TV settings.

The pre-installed media player was decent and could play almost any video, including the various codecs I dropped, 4K video (scaled to 1080p). This is addition. However, you cannot use directional pads to browse the video. There is always an option to install a better player like VLC. Google Play Store.. Again, I do not have access to image and audio settings in USB mode. Voice commands generally work well, but the voice assistant’s response is a bit slow.

Thomson42PATH2121 Smart TV-Price and Judgment

The Thomson 42PATH2121 Smart TV can be purchased for one year warranty for 22,999 Relpels in reverse. Despite its potential, it is difficult to recommend with average image quality, poor audio output, and shortcomings. Netflix Support and lots of experience. If you are looking for an Android TV with an older / analog audio and video ports, this TV has the option of using some older gadgets and should be considered.

Although it is not a usage and you are on a budget, you still want to use a 40-inch Android TV with good performance like the Hiesen 40A56E or Xiaomi Mi TV 4A. I happily give 2 inches for better images, sound and more screen space for better screen space Netflix..

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