aelf began providing technical and logistical support to international candidate nodes

Singapore, October 27, 2021 (PRNewswire) – On. October 25, aelf has started data collection and first technical placement consultation for candidate nodes on aelf mainnet. The selection of the aelf mainnet node makes the start of an ecosystem explosion on the aelf mainnet.

BPs are decision makers on aelf mainnet. On the one hand, BPs have the right to determine the deployment and deployment of aelf mainnet. BPs, on the other hand, help connect third-party tokens and ELF tokens during sidechain creation, which is of great importance during an ecosystem explosion. Based on the roadmap, aelf aims to invite a total of 17 BPs to aelf mainnet by 2021 Q4.

“The diversity of alliances ensures the stability and sustainability of Alif ecosystem. When many candidates join, aelf ecology flourishes with all perspectives on technology, talents, users and funds. We ask all who care about Alif ecology. And promote growth together. ” Habo MCEO of aelf

Due to the importance of the behavior, there are certain requirements and method of punishment. Individuals or organizations must hold at least 100,000 core ELF tokens to be a node. Run and wait server; And is approved by a limited number of community users. Once he wins the seat as BP, the intersection must apply itself to BP. If no block is made within 72 hours, it will be removed as soon as BP qualifies, and the captured 100,000 ELF will be lost.

Once selected, BP can receive various dividends based on Alf Economics and Management White Paper.

In the main chain distribution pool, BPs can earn both product node revenue and candidate nodes. The overall API is 95.6%. On the side chain, BPs can generate revenue by building a side chain network for developers. Side chain income includes index payments, asset payments, and revenue sharing.

The units will jointly participate in the calculation, verification, development and maintenance of Alf Mennet Network. If you have further questions about Node Choice, you can contact us by telegram or email us. [email protected].

About Elif Catch:

aelf Decentralized blockchain network operates on cloud infrastructure. Provides high-speed open source infrastructure to users and developers around the world. aelf innovated in cross-chain collaboration, beautiful multi-level side chain systems and unlimited expansion capabilities. The network can seamlessly connect to a secure, efficient, independent, stable, easy-to-use and transparent ecosystem.

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