Advent technologies have been selected as part of the IPCEI hydrogen first wave

Boston – (Business Wire) – Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADN) The Greek Ministry of Development and Investment announced today that it has been named as part of the framework for the first major projects. Common European demand (IPCEI) on hydrogen.

In addition, Advent has been selected by the Ministry as the Coordinator of Field 2 for Fuel Cells and Related Technologies. As part of this process, Advent has participated in “challenging sessions” in which EU participating companies, selected by their member states, work together to develop a roadmap for the implementation of hydrogen IPIC objectives.

In addition to coordination in the field of technology, Advent’s new responsibilities include the preparation of a joint document outlining the needs and objectives of fuel cells in the active and permanent markets to meet potential hydrogen ecological costs. This joint document will be part of the Chapio document that verifies all IPCEI eligibility and compatibility conditions.

Advent is also part of the overall White Dragon Dragon Hip Project and is leading the Green Hip Project. In May, Advent presented a plan for the future of hydrogen economy in Greece to a joint venture with the European Union and the Greek government. The green HiPo project produces, burns and manufactures fuel cells with a highly scalable and highly efficient polymer electrolyte coating (“HT-PM”) that can be used to produce energy and heat.

Dr. Vasilis Gorgorio, Chairman and CEO of AdventWe are pleased to be involved in such a large European project as a fuel cell partner. This is the next important step in the development and growth of clean energy hydrogen technologies in Greece. The Green Hypo project is part of an exciting long-term transition from Greece to green energy generation and distribution and perhaps the key to the opening of the European Union.

Greece By 2028, it plans to reduce all small and medium-sized power plants, and the electricity and heat provided by Advent will be an important solution for the country’s energy transition. It will be a new modern production facility in western Macedonia. Fuel cells and approximately 1,400 innovations contribute to sustainable economic development by providing sustainable technology. The plant will first produce 15 kW / unit of fuel cells, gradually increasing to 120 km, and then eventually reaching 1 megawatts of single units before becoming a multi-megawatt platform.

In seven years, Advent is ready to support up to 400 MW of renewable energy and 400 MW of heat. The Green Hippo project will also generate a 4.65GW power line for electrophoresis.

About the White Dragon Project

Linn May 5, 2021 May 5, 2021 Hydrogen Technologies White Dragon is presented by the largest energy companies in Greece (DEPA Trade from Advent Technologies, Damco Energy SA (Copelosus Group), PPC Greece, Hellenic Gas Transfer Operator (“ DESFA ”) SA, Hellenic Petroleum, Motor Oil, Corinth Pipeline, TAP and Terna Energy (“ joint venture ”). The proposal to the Greek government and the European Union for over seven years to develop a new integrated green hydrogen project in Greece The aim of the project is to shift the focus of Western Macedonia’s energy resources to a clean energy production and transmission with the ultimate goal of dismantling the Greek energy system.

About Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc.

Advent Technologies Holdings Inc. The United States Corporation produces, manufactures, and assembles critical components for renewable energy, fuel cells, and advanced energy systems. Advent is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Europe. With patented (or pending) technology for fuel cell technology, Advent enables next-generation high-temperature proton exchange coatings (“HT-PM”) to operate at different temperatures under IP conditions. Flexible “any fuel. “Everywhere” is an alternative to the automotive, marine, aviation and power sectors. For more information, please visit

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