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If you find yourself in a meeting with VCC, try two things to remember:

  1. You are the smartest person in the class.
  2. Investors are looking for a reason to say “yes”.

Even so, many entrepreneurs miss this opportunity, often because they are directing questions or because they do not understand their BATNA (the best option for negotiation).

“These sales strategies can make the difference between successful fundraising and productive meetings,” said Cunal Lunawat, co-founder of Agent Ventures.

Whether you are already in the process of fundraising or planning to be in the future, be sure to read this week’s “Crash Course on Enterprise Development” shared by Venrock VP Tod Graham.

“If you buy, you have a chance to spend more time with corporate development teams,” Graham said. It is rich in tropical stock markets, mountainous terrain and cheap debt.

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On Wednesday, August 24 at 3 pm PDT / 6 pm EDT / 11 pm GMT, Managing Editor Danny Crychton will discuss Twitter with Eric Dean Wilson, author of “After Freezing, Freezing, Global Warming and Tragic Cost”. From comfort. ”

Wilson’s book deals with the story of Frein, who was later banned for his role in the ozone layer. After the discussion, they take questions from the audience.

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Apple is changing mail privacy protection and email merchants need to be prepared

Yellow post image with red notification point.

Image Credits: Carol Eps (Opens in new window) / Getty Images

Apple’s iPhone, Apple Mail and Apple iPad open up about half of all emails, but the privacy features included with iOS 15 allow consumers to keep track of their marketplace, IP address, and information, such as invisible pixels.

Email marketers rely heavily on these and other metrics, which means they need to be prepared for the changes now, says Litmus CMO Melissa Sargeant.

In a detailed post, she shares a number of action items that will help marketers use their email analytics to help marketers “continue to have personalized experiences.”

Let’s Agree – Crash Education on Corporate Development

Other photos from this business series from the conference room with a large polished table and arm chairs

Image Credits: When he leads me (Opens in new window) / Getty Images

Vendrock Vice President Todd Graham has some clear advice for founders on corporate startups: “It’s wise to make a comeback at some point.”

With this in mind, he was the first author on enterprise development, outlining the three most common types of purchases, tips for meeting with bank experts, and explaining why partnering with a large company is not always the best way forward.

Regardless of the path you choose, Graham advises: “You need to take the meeting.”

In the worst case scenario you will find a few new LinkedIn links and you are now a known number. The best part is the second meeting.

As the VCs turned to zoom, the Chicago startups were ready to close

Image Credits: Nigel Susman (Opens in new window)

The epidemic has failed start-up capitalists to invest in startups, but Chicago is seen as “accelerating capital movement and increasing distance investment.”

It doesn’t matter if the world is closed and you are in NYC or SF (because everyone was on the zom), the windy city was ready to present itself as the Middle East award champion.

What does the new Brazilian Receipt Regulation mean to Fintech?

Brazilian Real Money (Real)

Image Credits: Priscilla Zamboto (Opens in new window) / Getty Images

The Central Bank of Brazil has made significant strides in opening the door to e-commerce in South America’s largest market.

Historically, merchants who have accepted credit card payments have two options – accept the full payment divided into two to 12 parts, or offer a small discount in advance.

But in June 2021, the BCB created a “subscription body” that would allow any interested recipients / buyers to offer discounts to those recipients, says Leonardo Lana, head of payment products. Monkey exchange.

The new framework will benefit consumers and sellers, but for the region’s start-up, it will open the door to many opportunities and new business models, from payments to credit.

As the start-up market accelerates, Brazil could be in for an IPO bonanza

Image Credits: Nigel Susman (Opens in new window)

VC dollar flows, popular purchases, and Unicon counts are all signs of a change in the Brazilian tech start-up market, with Anna Hem and Alex Wilhelm changing.

“The IPO market in Brazil is changing,” he wrote. TechCrunch noted that in the last decade of 2020, only two of the 56 IPOs in Brazil were technology companies. The number of technology companies listed in the country has recently increased to at least 16, up from four in 2019.

Internal hackers to simplify your SOC 3 certification application

Digital encrypted lock with multiple data links.  Internet security

Image Credits: Images by Andrew Onufrienko / Getty

“For good reason, security certificates like SOC 3 will put you in the know,” said Wadev CEO Alex Serce.

Waydev, a SOC 3 certification, is a software analytics tool that allows engineers to automate team performance.

“We learned a lot from the process, and we felt it was right to share our experiences,” wrote Sarsey.

“So here is our advice on how teams can achieve SOC 3 more efficiently by balancing workloads at the same time and minimizing disruption to users.

Dear Sophie: Tips on EB-1A and EB-2 NIW?

The only image at the entrance to the center with the American flag at the center

Image Credits: Brice Durbin / Tech Crunch

Dear Sophie,

I live and work in the United States on an H-1B. I want to apply for a green card. My concern is that I want to rely only on my current employer and be able to easily change jobs or get started. I have seen EB-1A and EB-2 NIW.

I am not sure if I am eligible for EB-1A, but since I was born in India, I have been waiting for the EB-2 NIW for a long time.

Some tips on how to proceed?

– Creativity from India

How to set up a Health Technology Startup Advisory Board

Circle of chairs of different colors.

Image Credits: Cordelia Molly Science Photo Library (Opens in new window) / Getty Images

Most startups can use a counseling board, but it is a major requirement in health technology.

Founders looking for innovation in this area have a special interest in consultants who have experience exploring, expanding capital, and managing R&D to name a few areas.

Based on his own experience, Patrick Frank, co-founder and PatientPartner COO, shared some very specific ideas on who should hire, where to get it and how to fit it into your caps.

“They want to develop these individuals so that they can focus on the company as a whole,” Frank says.

Crypto world shows signs of being very brave

Image Credits: Nigel Susman (Opens in new window)

There is no shortage of technology news to analyze, Alex Wilhelm recalls, but this week he saw a new perspective on crypto.

how so?

“There are some signs that the blockchain world is maturing and is creating horn of winning players,” he writes.

4 Common Mistakes Starts When Setting Pay for Mixed Workers

Corporate chart or organizational graph for human resources

Image Credits: kentoh (Opens in new window) / Getty Images (image edited)

In a recent survey, 58% of workers said they planned to leave if they did not want to work remotely.

Startups that do not provide staff flexibility at home are at a competitive disadvantage, but knowing how to pay mixed workers raises complex questions:

  • Do you need to locate wages for employees in different areas?
  • How do you pay for employees with the same job when one is at WFH and the other is at their desk?
  • Are you making clear with your staff how their compensation is structured?

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