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NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – A provider of real-time news and video interviews on growth companies listed in the United States and Canada, covers the following companies.

  • Pharmacor has received a pre-IND meeting request from the African FDA in the United States to treat cholera.

  • Click here to see significant results from Vox Royality’s recent search on the Royalty Property portfolio

  • The NEO battery will move forward with the establishment of a South Korean sub-branch. Click here to open the Toronto office

  • SpotLite360 IOT Solutions President GreenWold calls 3Q ‘fun’ when enterprise development clicks here

  • KWESST Micro Systems Partners with Stryk Group USA to market non-lethal LEC products in the US Click here

  • Jack Nathan Health sees 2Q revenue jumping 70% when he clicks on new clinics in Canada and Mexico

  • AIM ImmunoTech has submitted a pre-IND application to the FDA for MFLGEN as a potential treatment for early-stage coronavirus.

  • ElectraMeccanica Vehicles announces that its SOLO EV will be honored in the design awards for the 2021 Fast Company innovation in all categories of emissions and mobility.

  • Madonna hires two new executives by clicking on the Institutional Services Business here

  • BioSign Technologies Wisconsin-based Plex Corporation selects its production partner by clicking here

  • team announces launch of new work forum for employers and talent acquisition Click here

  • HealthLynked launches QwikCheck V2.0, a flexible link for healthcare providers to facilitate enrollment.

  • The CVD click of BioVaxys technology starts here as planned in the study of animal toxins in Vivo

  • Click here to buy Star Royalties inks 2% NSR Royality on Elk Gold Mine in British Columbia

  • In Saskatchewan, the northern archery explores until it explodes. Click here

  • Pace Group has partnered with Pure Extractors to develop psilobin derivatives and formulas on a business scale.

  • Spider Cannabis sub-company receives AGCO certification for its planned cannabis distribution in Okista, Ontario. Click here

  • DeepSpatial Partnership with SISL Infotech of India Click Key Management

  • Group Eleven Resources has found the most important structural corridor in the northwest of Zones 1 and 2 in the hopes of Carrick Zinc in Ireland. Click here

  • Silvercorp Metals are trying to create ‘green mines’; Set up a garbage disposal site in Yang District Click here

  • Q Biomed is up in 4Q Strontium89 sales by clicking here on business release

  • Maverix Metals acquires 5,000 ounces of new gold stream each year from long-term partner Awramet Capital Partners

  • Manitu Gold identifies the new bucket eagle gold zone on the oyster project in Ontario and click here

  • CLS Holdings USA click here to partner with Ranson Shepherd to produce pre-packages

  • Ellis Gaming Technology has signed an MOU with the New York State Restaurant Association to promote and facilitate opportunities in the sports betting industry. Click here

  • The Golden Arrow Resources will start diamond drilling at the Tira Dorada Gold Project in Paraguay. Click here

  • Xigem Technologies Click here to add cryptocurrency and payment login capabilities to its FOOi mobile payment app

  • Generax strengthens leadership team for newly appointed Chief Medical Officer and Chief Manufacturing and Technology Officers Click here

  • Versace Systems Los Angeles Rams introduces company-sponsored digital bingo game lottery during their last home game

  • Click here to find two major lithium search properties in Argentina’s Lithium Triangle

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