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Sydney, October 12, 2021 (Globes Newsweire) – A provider of real-time news and video interviews on the list of growth companies in Australia, covers the following companies.

  • Carnavale Resources Ltd (ASX: CAV) identified five target nickel-copper deficiencies in the Greek Dam Nickel Sulfide Project, the UFF soil sampling program in the northeastern plains of WA 70 km northeast of Cargoli. Click here

  • Anteri Technologies Limited (ASX: AVR, OTC: AMEUF) has partnered with IQVIA Inc. and the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) to conduct FSN’s early feasibility study (EFS). Click here

  • Fenix ​​Resources Ltd (ASX: FEX) had a strong September quarter with a net operating profit of $ 25 million or 19.7 cents in net profit despite a turmoil in iron ore prices. Click here

  • Azure Minerals Ltd (ASX: AZS) has partnered with the Creasy Group in West Australia on a VC-07 Eastern Sulfate deposit in a Andover project. Click here

  • The Bore Gold project in Northwest Queensland is sponsored by Red Fox Resources (XXXR) by Chess Mining Corporation Limited (XXML). Click here

  • Okapi Resources Ltd (ASX: OKR) has acquired an additional high level of uranium to cover strategic land holdings close to the top park deposit. Click here

  • Kalima Energy Limited (ASX: CE1) is part of the Leo Development Program and, in line with the time of strong Brent prices, has begun to stimulate the breakdown of three wells on its Throsby property in Alberta, Canada. Click here

  • Marmota Limited (ASX: MEU) has completed a major gold mining project – aurora tank drilling program in South Australia. Click here

  • White Rock Mining Plc Pvt. Click here

  • Dr. Kaigon Wang, Managing Director of Tieto Minerals Plc (ASX: TIE), has invested $ 1 million in a strong confidence in the company and its gold strategy in its early options. Click here

  • Red River Resources Ltd (ASX: RVR) has signed a new termination agreement with Global Commodity Manufacturer and Market Glencore International AG for the copper production of the company’s Talaga operations in Queensland. Click here

  • Musgrave Minerals Ltd (ASX: MGV, OTC: MGVMF) and Evolution Mining Ltd (ASX: EVN) have identified more dense zones of regolith gold mines in the West Island Prospect at Lake Island Prospect at Air Island Exploration. Mercison County, Western Australia. Click here

  • Strickland Metals Ltd (ASX: STK) has signed a land acquisition and exploration agreement agreement with the Tarka Matua Park Aboriginal Corporation (TMPAC) for land covering the company’s Yandal project in Western Australia. Click here

  • XTEK Ltd (ASX: XTE), a 100% well-known US subsidiary of HighCom Armor Solutions, Inc., has received a $ 1.1 million (A 1.5 million) purchase of specialty shielding products (PO). Click here

  • FYI Resources Ltd (ASX: FYI) and Alcoa (NYSE: AA) Australia Limited are preparing to launch an extended High Purity Almana (HIP) pilot project at the FYI Pilot Factory in Wales, Wales. Click here

  • Burru Energy Limited (XX: Silver) is the next oil company in partnership with Ungani Oilfield. Click here

  • The US-owned Western Subterranean Rear (WRE) is providing animal husbandry to researchers seeking funding from the US-based Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA )’s new Rare Elements (REE) bioengineering research program. Click here

  • Red 5 Ltd (ASX: RED) has begun drilling an open-pit level control on the Gold Coat King’s property near Linora in Western Australia. Click here

  • Weser Farm Rameselius PLC (RSW) has started excavations in the Arkansas Marda-Dimas Greenton Belt at the Finnetiti project north of the South Cross. . Click here

  • Twenty-seven Limited (XTTS), a exploration-based mining company, is launching a full-scale RC drilling campaign on its Rover Gold project in WA. Click here

  • Matador Minerals Plc. Click here

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