Active news, including Big Bear Resources, Binovi Technologies, American Battery, Valencia Company, and Braxia Scientific

NEW YORK, July 28, 2021 (Globes Newsweire) – A provider of real-time news and video interviews on growth companies listed in the United States and Canada, covers the following companies.

  • Click here for the ESE Entertainment Sports Talent Show SkillzVault at Bitcoin Vault

  • Todos Medical Limit hires CRO Innvocept Global Solutions to manage two Tololovir coronavirus tests in India. Click here

  • Click here for the Vuzix new software-as-a-service integration solutions business unit

  • Pharmacor Sepharantin shows the results of studies that significantly inhibit cancer cell growth in 20 different types of cancer Click here

  • CanaFarma’s vertical security launches the long-awaited CBD beverage in the US market. Click here

  • CO2 GRO announces commercial viability of CO2 delivery solutions with US-based flower garden Greenhouse Click here

  • Binovi Technologies continues to work on its growth strategy as it presents its final financial statements on February 28, 2021.

  • The Big Bear is ready for a second drill on the main Dixie project. Click here for the first quarter 2022 eye sight resources

  • Globex Data Secure America continues on 156 billboards by clicking here at six New York City subway stations.

  • See the Golden Tag resources licenses to quadruple excavation pads on the San Diego project in Mexico. Click here

  • Click here for Andres Mezan, Chief Operating Officer of US Battery

  • Nearby Motor says it has been selected for a statewide bus contract in California. Click here

  • Click here for e-commerce merchants with logic groups with a buzz

  • Click here to produce and distribute cannabis-injected cannabis-harvested themes throughout Canada.

  • PlantX Life has announced the launch of its XFood catering service in the United States. Click here

  • Versus Systems Inc. launches HP OMEN Awards in India, UK and Mexico Click here

  • Braxia Scientific Corporation donated C $ 918,000 to study the effectiveness of ketamine and cognitive behavioral therapy in reducing suicide.

  • Vox Royality doubles its 2021 royalties revenue guide

  • Click here for one of the functions of ketamine in cyclicelix and nutrition.

  • Click here for Gold Resources Corporation’s $ 16.1M strong operating cash flow

  • New Pacific Metals Click here for the 38,000-meter diamond drilling program at Bolivia’s major silver sand project

  • Click here to search for new Chief Financial Officer for Empire Clinics

  • Click here with the First Nation community for the Cameron Gold Project First Mining Exploration Agreement

  • Clicking here, the new Chief Financial Officer will appoint Blu-ray Nicole Ballestrin

  • KULR technology wins special Dot license to transport damaged, damaged, or forgotten lithium-ion batteries Click here

  • Click here for a two-year joint plant study with the first nation Cobalt from the Kombat Camp District of Timiskaming

  • Exit Procurement Purchase Target 3a-Diagnostics Chorus Virus Biosenser Candidates Click Here

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